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▲ ▼ Samsung. (Dealbh / Reuters)

▲ The foreign media has built Samsung expects to make technical improvements to the basic models launched on the 10th anniversary of the next year. (Dealbh / Reuters)

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Samsung's Galaxy has a series of smartphone phones in South Korea. It is expected that Samsung will make major technological developments to the basic modules launched on the 10th anniversary of the next year, including 5G recurrent technology, larger screens and more. More powerful camera.

The Wall Street Journal said that a series of Galaxy S10's main sailors of the Samsung re-generational range are different from the two versions that eventually resulted in two sizes. Three versions will be released, and the screen size from 5.3 to 6.4, and will be in the next two months. However, according to sources, Samsung is developing the fourth version of the Galaxy S10, which is expected to support 5G. According to sources, the ten-year version is named "Beyond X."

The 5G phone will be released in the US and South Korea in spring, with a 6.7-inch screen with six lenses, including two face lenses and six back lenses . The Samsung spokesman did not name it here.

According to people who are familiar with the case, Samsung has spoken with Verizon, AT & T and large telecommunications businesses in Korea, but there is no final decision. With 5G, Samsung is expected to enjoy Apple's more than iPhone. Previously, analysts were expects that Apple can not launch mobile phones that support 5G networks to 2020.

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