The Gambling Act appears to have a number of changes


The shortest changes to the bill are aimed at online complaints, where more and more players play; move.

The Parliament's Finance Committee has rejected the bill to complain with several changes to the MEP submission. For example, a range of people excluded that can not play gambling can be extended to include uncontrollable children.

Secretary of State for Finance, Radko Kuruc, with other changes. The main purpose of the draft law is to strengthen the conditions for gambling.

The Closure of Closed People was introduced in Slovia last year. "I think it's the player's defense, it is banned from being an experienced player and protecting young people," said Ladislav Kamenický, Chairman of the Committee (Smer-SD), change the way. In particular, the conditions of access to rescue things for a gambling provider should be defined.

The Committee refused to amend it by Petr Štarchoňa (We are a family) or Igora Federiča (Smer-SD), who is dealing with numbers and casualties. Telecom operators need to block such numbers and requests.

Kuruc advised, until the draft bill comes to the full Parliament's meeting, that further changes will be made. The protection of the players could be increased. The current tension at the gambling work has produced results, according to Kuruc. "The number of jobs has been reduced by more than 60%, it is a huge decline," he said to the Kuruc Finance Committee.

New permissions

The shortest changes to the bill are aimed at online complaints, where more and more players play; move. The new license structure is to be created.

Again, gambling businesses must be available, not just online gaming games but also internet casinos and casinos. After getting to & # 39; permission, everyone under strict regulations.

To date, non-licensed entities are also subject to taxation in the Slovak Republic. Restrictive sites of licensed gambling companies will continue to continue.

Again, for example, the gambling will be reduced as the minimum number of devices will be increased in one operation. From March 2019, this head should be set at at least 15 units. Legislation also addresses the question quizzes question, which will be considered as questioning.

Connection to the operator

In order to streamline further gambling guidance, the establishment of a specialized group that has a unique ability to play in; gambling management.

Staging running cost will transfer a draft bill from taxpayer money to gambling operators.

In addition, his ministry is a " recommend that all the technical devices used for gambling should be connected to their host server, and # 39; allowing them to be controlled more effectively, as they also have access to state management.

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