The "Game of Thrones" actor finally referred to the River Boca crack


His impact was; at the screen around the final of the Libertadores Cup around the world. After making a decision that he would pass the River-Boca game to Sunday (which was last restored), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau sent a message on his account.

The actress Jaime Lannister played in the Game of Thrones statues when he visited the mouth of Boca and River and wrote:

"I have been fortunate for years to visit the Stadium River and in the Boca park, two big clubs that gave a great deal of glory to everyone who likes this beautiful sport, and what happened yesterday In the end we'll wait for the game we were waiting for so long. It's a good time, I'd like to be there but I'm going to the screen to watch Boca and River play for a Copa Libertadores Cup.

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