"The game where there is no tomorrow": Manu Ginobili's analysis of the Superfinal between River and Boca


Manu Ginóbili He was a warrior of a thousand battles. Playing in the NBA for more than ten years he is aware of what weight is he / she; for a fun athlete and is encouraged to pull a coincidence with the important disaster that will stay this Saturday this week Memorial Cairn, where the match match at the Copa Libertadores Superfinal between River and Boca has been played.

"I'm going to watch the game, I like sport, I like to look at the actions and reactions of the players at that time, where there is no more emphasis there. It's like an Olympic final, it's something where there is no tomorrow"said the old San Antonio Spurs at an event organized ESPN in Argentina.

Manu said he is happy to see how athletes have a bad impact on her and her. see "how people feel" in the centers.

Although in the past He acknowledged that he was a boy who was a supporter of the River, said the old member of the Golden Generation live this edition of Light Cloud "with absolute impartiality" and that will definitely follow a friend.

Using his knowledge in the world; Orange wall, Ginobili compare this definition with game 7 in the final NBA. He also stressed that it is difficult to enjoy that kind of meeting: "If they really enjoy me, it means they have reached a better mental state than I'm aged 25 to 30 ".

"I think I can hear it later, though I already had 37 in the finals in 2014, and I do not know what I liked It's me because I was so terrible, it was so deep that it was too big to be able to cure this crack. " There was a gold medal winner in Athens in 2004; Commenting on the final defeat of Miami Heat with LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen and Dwyane Wade. Last year they were lost with the same enemy.

In conclusion, he explained: "It's not easy when a backpack of 200 kilos is on the roof. Sometimes you do not fall asleep at the previous night, some ghosts come, we say what we do if we win, if we miss, we See all the game, the enemy … It's not easy to enjoy, but I'm really hoping you'll do it because something is something like that. 95% can not repeat it. "

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