The General Director of Petroleum Nghe was supporting Thanh Trinh Xuan where he was arrested


Mr Duong Hung Cuong, Chairman of the Board and General Director of PetroVietnam Oil and Gas Compatible Stock Company was arrested on November 21 as a result of the line delivered by Trinh Xuan Thanh abroad.

The Tuoi Tre newspaper of 27/11 explained anonymously from Nghe's police as he stated that the Crime Police Department's arrest and the Ministry of Public Security and police in this area had investigated Cuong's house at Hamlet 17, Chi Chi Phu, Vinh City (Nghe An).

However, the general director of the Nghe Petroleum Company said he had not received the police notice of arrest.

Mr Duong Cuong, 41, has a degree in Architects and MBA in International Business. He is a General Director of the Nghe Petroleum Company from November 2009 to date.

According to British newspaper "The Guardian", Trinh Xuan Thanh, a diplomatic passport transport, fled to Laos at the end of July 2016, arriving at Thailand and then in Turkey to Germany.

On 31 July 1977, state media said that the former Vice President of Hau Giang Trinh Xuan Thanh's court was suddenly featured in the Criminal Section of the Ministry of Public Security in Hanoi.

Germany had a & # 39; abolishing Vietnamese agents who were Mr Thanh burning in Berlin on 23rd July last year.

This led to a diplomatic event between Vietnam and European countries such as Germany, Slovakia …

On 25/7/2018, the German court slept on three-year prisoners and ten months to Nguyen Hai Long, a Japanese citizen, because they are said to have been involved in a '# 39; Supporting Vietnamese secretary police work that was a Trinha Xuan university and gas officer. The bar in Germany.

Trinh Xuan Thanh, in the beginning of 2018, was sentenced to be imprisoned for two crimes, "preventing state regulations that cause adverse effects", and " assets "of PVN and PVC.

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