The General Finance Office raised an interest in the Pugacheva concert. Reed


The General Office of the Treasury was interested in funding Alla Pugacheva's concert scheduled for April 17 at the Kremlin State Palace in honor of its 70th anniversary and supported the Russian Helicopters. This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of Anatoly Vyborny's State Department of Security and Anti-Corruption Committee.

"Each player will evaluate his work in his own way, and in fact some of the amount may be taxable. Many questions have been raised because the state structure is Such money is given, "the StarHit publication recites the words you have chosen.

According to some of the reports, such an aid may be part of a pollution scheme. This was stated by the head of the National Anti-Corruption Committee Kirill Kabanov.

Recalling the story of a & # 39; 40 million rubles allocated to the "Helicopters of Russia" investment company as sponsors to Alla Pugacheva's inaugural event organizers as a result of a large public hearing, largely negative. Helicopter retainers, who worked under regular cuts and wages, were particularly indignant. The rest of the bloggers were only a & # 39; Seeing the generosity of "Rostec" with evil deception, which suggests that the singer would have a helicopter out for the audience.

He is aware of the tickets for the show "Alla Pugacheva. P. S."Cost from 2.5 to 70 thousand rubles, but they are still buying at present, and now sellers offer enjoyment of the Soviet pop scene performance for 150-200,000. In this regard, the need for financial assistance is questionable.

Previously, "Reedus" spoke about how a "Russian Helicopters" decision was decided to add support to the show with his / her; musician Pugacheva, Yuri Loza.

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