The General Protection Commission wants General Martinez to explain arms trade


The Defense Committee of the Session decided that he had been calling on the Army Chief Executive Ricardo Martínez Menanteau "badly" after broadcasting an audio recording where Martinez talked about the deep uptake of the Army as The result of the series of critical studies in which the institution is involved, including the sale of weapons to drug dealers. For such a case he is a soldier arrested in June.

But Martinez told the media that five soldiers are seen with military information in similar activities that are being carried out; study.

For this reason, Commissioners' elders agree to meet next Tuesday to hear the details, according to La Tercera.

"The launch of the Security and Defense Commission was going to consider a whole new project, but his / her headteacher's statements clearly want us to achieve this hearing as soon as possible # 39 as possible. As a Commission, we want to hear in a public way to find out that we have been informed in some way, "said Carlos Bianchi, the grandfather that is part of this group.

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