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Cambodia 3-0 Vietnam Pannal A42 AFF Cup marks

The Cup 2018 AFF Cup final was officially closed following the last series of Group B to play last 25/11. Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Filipin have four tickets to the two steps. The first dog will have a & # 39; take place on 1 and 2/12, the conversion will take place on 5 and 6/12.

In the final version, nothing happened. Vietnam, Malaysia, easily encounters the challenges under evaluation. Similarly in Group B, Thailand has sunk and Singapore and Philippines have just drawn enough to win the next one.

Singers from Germany to & # 39; giving directions in the final AFF voting Cup 2018 - Picture 2.

There are many amazing goals in the last game. Home AFF Cup decided to open the voting for fans of the country to "vote" the most exciting goal. In particular, Vietnam's phone was sent to two goalkeepers Nguyen Quang Hai and Phan Van Duc. Quang Hai raised the 2-0 score in Cambodia by breaking into the net after a Vel Duy Van Duc speed climbing speed; finish point as an order to settle the 3-0 score.

Competitors with Quang Hai, Van Duc by Idlan Talaha (Malaysia) and Adisak Kraisorn (Thailand). You can vote for Van Duc, Quang Hai at HereSouth Westerly

Singers from Germany to & # 39; Provides guidance in the final round of Chup 2017 AFF voting - Picture 3.

Van Duc was temporarily managing the meeting.

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