The German stock market fell to a deep base. Concerns have fallen on the world's economy


European stocks have been severely impaired during trade, especially due to banking companies and technology companies. It is the main index of German DAX departments fell to the lowest level since the end of 2016, Big big big European markets lost big Wednesday.

DAX closed its trading down 1.58 per cent to 11,066.41. According to the DPA, they are laid down worries about the global economy and the Italian budget coupled with a fall in legal markets in the United States.

"Investors will be confident to get rid of," commenting on the David Madden stock market analyst from CMC Markets.

The STOXX 600 pop-up index declined by 1.14 percent to 351.06 points and reached the lowest rate in more than three weeks. European banks received the worst day in almost six weeks, and sections of the European technology department fell to the lowest level since the end of March, Reuters wrote.

Almost five per cent decline has been maintained by Deutsche Bank's largest German banking company. They responded to reports on the company that was said to be a company in a bank of silver waste filming in the Danish Bank.

Also under pressure, the Renault French car manufacturers' components, and the chief of Carlos Ghosn was held on Monday in Japan. Costs that adversely affect a & # 39; using corporate money for their own purposes and estimating personal income in financial statements.

Economic growth in the euro area was also forecasting. Look at the archive report:


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