The girl (19) needed a strip: ten customers every day


A young woman (19) needed to go through the heat, which a couple from the Levice area would have sadly with ten people a day. The trade allegations are already in custody.

According to the police, last year's case began when they started; Lívia L. (34) needed to harass the injured in her home in the Levice area for domestic help. But it was just a preview. She would then have to say she would make excitement. Another man was accused – Erik Š. (38) – there was a young woman on the internet to establish an image with her pictures in her magazines. The profile also did not include information on what sexual services it would provide and what amount was it; there.

The police hit Open the gallery

A young woman was sadly depressed daily in a number of remote locations in the Levic District in the cars and later on the streets of Nitra and Bratislava. The accused was watching the car or was controlling his phone. Any communication with people outside the strip has been banned. It was immoral to be powered by power. She had been fighting and her. threatening clothes with cold water. He dropped waterfalls. It was necessary to give all the money earned.

Líviu L. and Erika Š both. the inspector has made a complaint to trade in people. If a guilty party is found guilty of imprisonment between seven and 12 years. The charge is in custody – police spokesman Michal Slivka said.

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