The girl is full of gold and embarrassing at a station house; bus. Audit Report


Ms Nguyen Thi Thuy (SN 1961) worked as a housekeeper, washing public toilets at the Giap Bat bus station (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) for many years.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy - Safe Care Manager at Bat Gip Bat Station.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy – Safe Care Manager at Bat Gip Bat Station.

There was a foolish smile, bad in this place.

Visitors to this small house are visitors, passenger cars in the departments and cities. The cost of each visitor is 1,000 VND. That money was used by Thuy to buy toilet paper, cleaning devices and chemicals, sewing switches.

"That money is not worth, but it also contributes to the preservation of the toilet cleaning.

However, many customers do not want to pay for cleaning. I reminded them, they are still struggling. Others will try to escape, "she said.

One week ago, two young girls dressed politically, with a clear face, on their cottage into the toilet. In particular, one person also throws a lot of gold on the face.

When people go to the toilet, they need to go to the toilet; going up, waiting outside the door. Ms. remembered. Thuy also guests with the number of jewelry she had, for fear of stealing.

10 minutes later, two girls from the toilet, just going, they did not pay her; fee. She thought they had forgotten, who was asked to pay back.

Anonymous voice said: "There is no change, there must be a change. There was a cartoon of gold on her girlfriend.

"Sometimes with people who do not have money, they say a meaningful sentence that I can not collect money but the behavior of the two daughters is very big," she said.

According to her, 5 years, the Giap Bat bus toilet was improved, better than a glass. Previously, many of the toilets of bus stations need to be frightening.

In order to increase its income, it opened a count for water, cigarettes, rubber in front of the bus stop.

Sometimes she ran to the side to see if they went out of the toilet. Use her hand to clean and clear the water to make smell.

A woman born in 1961 said that the condition of smell was reduced because she was often cleansed. One day she had to clean 8 times. With so much chemical use, she also has a big influence.

"When I'm excavating, I use a lot but I'm too big to remove it, which removes the inconvenience and uncomfortable sometimes that carry out.

So, I was going to go, a & # 39; expression, healing dermatitis. Environment pollution, wet, I can not also avoid reumatism.

New time to work, to dinner I did not drink it because of a sewage smell. After that, I'm accustomed to it, "she said.

But according to Ms Thuy, these are just small things. The problem with the toilet is a matter of concern.

Househouse than men at Gip Bat Bus Station.

"It's hard to meet some drugs a few months ago," she said.

At that time, when it was dark, the traffic was coming in and out. There was a male male about 30 years old, purple cloth clothes, his eye came in.

He came to the toilet a few minutes, suddenly Ms Shui heard a great noise coming from the man's cottage.

She came in and found out that the whole house divide (a wooden wall prepared) had fallen to the ground. The guest goes to the ground, unknowingly.

The house vaccine went out to bring out the victim and call for emergency shelter 115.

After a medical emergency, the man came back quickly. He told Ms. Thuy, at noon I was present at a party, which marked her anniversary; class.

Although he had to go to work late, he was still fun, drinking too much. At the toilet, the visitor arrives, and then, fall.

In line with Ms. Thuy, Ms. Huong (SN 1985), a supervisor and a member of staff. cleaning of public houses in the Ho Guom Lake area (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi): "As well as some people with lack of sensation, go to the toilet, stop, rubbish the line … The worst thing I can do is to meet the drink.

Public toilet in the Ho Guom area (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi).

She said that the guests were very aggressive, staff have remembered to keep their hygiene in a delicious way and are willing to go into the fight. Sometimes she had to go into your tears as she was guilty, wanted.

At that time, Huong was working a night shift. At 12 o'clock, the weather was cold, but a girl was decorated with a machine, split.

She sat in the house for a long time, sent her away. Mrs. Huong will go to her; worrying, tapping on the door several times, if something wrong is wrong; happening to the guests. The guest was frightened, and fought very quickly, worrying health of health workers.

When the girl opened the door, Huong saw a toilet paper thrown across the floor. It was used to split a & # 39; bombing, and splashing both in the mirror. Smell smell, smell food up the brain, make her face refusing.

Ms. Huong, an entertaining toilet was done, and she washed hands but without a lock, until the water was going to do it; flows across the floor.

She said very well, but immediately the other girl kept her. sack, thrown straight into the face.

The guest went to grab Huong's shirt, fortunately she put her hand, thugged out. Speaking strongly, motorbike was a? fight for translation, and ban the fight. The tiger girl followed his grandmother to Mr. Huong and then gets the taxi.

Ms. Huong: "Knowing that people drink alcohol, the spirit is not awake, but I'm still happy to remember this."

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