The girl is hanging in a house; chairman


– A dead girl was found to her; hanging up at the Bac Yen Town People Committee chairman, Bac Yen, Son La district.

Deputy Director Cienco 6 died in office

Chubby family funeral 4 people hanging

The head of the Yen District Yuan People's Committee today said the event took place at noon at the Bac Yen Town House chairman, the area is searching for his body on his / her. first floor, where food merchandise is.

It was first identified, victim Giang Thi D (SN 2003, people of Mong, who live in Ta Xua town, Ta Xua commune, Bac Yen district). Due to the difficult situation, D went to Bac Yen township to serve the family's restaurant for more than two months.

The girl is hanging in a house; chairman
The house where the event took place. Photograph: XD

The source said on November 20, when everyone in the shop rested, took D. rope himself.

"After the authorities came to explore the scene, they recognized that their case was not murdered, so the body was taken to the family to take into account the effects ", with more information on the head of the Yen Bac People's Committee.

A hanging hanged in the police police of the area "width =" 145 "height =" 101

A dead hanging in the local police arrest

A person who is suspected of having died in the custody of district police in Dak Nong. At present, the authorities investigate the purpose.

Area officers hang in the water "width =" 145 "height =" 101

County officers who hang in the water

Mr Hoi had not gone away from the area meeting room, and found his relatives hanging out at the water tower.

Chair marks dead sign hanging on steel in the garden "width =" 145 "height =" 101

The cathedral of the dead sanctuary will be hanging on a durian tree in the garden

The chairman of Cu Bao commune was still the leader of the previous evening meeting, but he was morning found dead in office.

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