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Wednesday, 11/18/2018 10:41 AM (GMT + 7)

When she was arrested, she said, "Thank you", if she was not arrested, she would continue to lament others.

According to the latest news, in Jinan, China, there is an unusual story. A young, beautiful girl, thank her for her beauty, was given by 9 silver lovers. Even with a while, she spoke and gave him a date for three. When she was arrested, she said "Thank you" without any doubt, as she could not arrest others unless she was arrested.

The girlfriend loved 9 people and killed more than 7 billion - 1

When she was arrested, the girl said the words "Thank you".

It is said that the first "female monster" was a boy named Xiao Xuan. Through social networks, Xiao Xuan knew this girl.

Over time of talking, two lovers are online and they have decided so far in life. After the first meeting of the dinner for a month, Xiao Xuan trusts and gives all the money and friends for years to save his lover online. At a moment, he was deceived, he just deducted money out there.

Given that the money is too large, Xiao Xuan decides to bring the police to the illicit behaviors of the local police. Shortly afterwards he was arrested.

During the investigation, the police said, from 2014, the girl has been telling her and has a relationship with 9 brothers in total. He also disturbed more than 2,000,000 yuan (more than 7 billion). Every time he disturbed his lover, the drama girls used, saying that the family is in need of need, the family is sick, so sad and crying all day, the That woman without money, and they were brought in to lose that money.

When asked, the girl also says that the money is coming, as the pepper was recorded in the shop business. There is often a lot of money back, little money used to eat, live and eat. In terms of what money he has, his / her interest is not interested; girl long ago.

When asked why he wanted to mourn, he banned others, the girl said: "I usually wanted to stop others, but I can not do it, once and again, and I was last arrested. Everyone man, because I was arrested, I would go back to scam again. "

Jinan police said the 32-year-old Jinan daughter, now separated. At present, the "bad daughter" was arrested and waiting for the test date.

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