The Gods expect to arrive this week at Steam as Early Access


It was the first time we talked about Praey for the Gods in late 2015 and the title was a bit different. However, his inspiration is more apparent to Shadow of the Colossus and Kickstarter has warmly allowed him to continue his project; go. Y By the end of the month you can throw the glass.

The three members of the ambitious, but ambitious studio, No Matter have put their first picture on Steam for the next January 31 as early access. Now, the game has been proven over the last two years by its supporters through different stages of development.


In this way, and as noted by Steam, the Kirkland team believes that A key game that offers a strong knowledge and is a Keep the list of content promised during its campaign. But before you install 1.0 version they want to add additional content and continue to & # 39; making the most of the best.

So how does this look Welcome the Gods right now? Well, the trailer with which they name the Entry to Early Access gives us great ideas.

In advance, besides that, which presents benefits Poems that drink from Fumito Ueda's work, but that also lends elements of the # 39; Other major minds, including a climbing system and a pavement type that has a great deal. Reminds in mind that Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Inside small development team opportunities, indeed.

The research has a clearly stated frozen environment, the fight against hard animals and wild enemies that come along the road and a number of lessons are learned from some of the uncertain places in a case More economics than promising agreements. And we can not talk to you long.


Demonstration for the Gods can be obtained from the next Thursday in Steam, and it is estimated that the final version of the game will be completely completed between six months and a year.

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