The Golden Globe auctions Marilyn Monroe: Broke Record, out of this sum


The prize was part of the icons & Idols: the Julien & Julian house, which runs from Friday to Saturday. The new owner of the Raven Black Ford Thunderbird was acquired in 1959, who had a 490,000 dollar (431,870) rup.

They also sold blackbirds with a boil that Marilyn had on 26 February, 1956 at a Los Angeles Airport ($ 43,750 – $ 38,560) news conference, a copy of the first Playboy her, who had a & # 39; David Hefner ($ 32,000 – 28,200), not famous black and white trousers ($ 31,250 – € 27,540).

They also sold other reflective things, such as Dress Dresses by Sharon Tate from the Roman Poles in 1968, a collection of the first comic books, Amazing Spider-Man, Strange Tales Annual # 2 and Amazing Fantasy # 15 from 1962 – 1964, which was a recent lecture by Stanley Leu, or a copy of the Amazing Fantasy # 15 of August 1962, the complete military dress of Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, George Clooney & Batman and Robin (1997) not Jeff's Costume Bridges from Big Lebowski (1998).

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