The Golden Monster in the Republic of Moldova! “Providing vaccination is proof of being careless” – Telegraph Moldova


The authorities today proclaimed the Mango Orange Code around the country, and at the beginning of the new school year all children will be immunized. The announcement was made today by Health, Labor and Social Minister, Svetlana Cebotari, after a meeting of the Special Public Health Commission.

At the start of the meeting, First Minister Pavel Filip said the venues had failed to fit in time and that they did not take the necessary steps against the disease.

“Those who fight against vaccination think they are irresponsible, I mention religious communities, but there are parents who are against immunization. We also talk about the inadequacy of local authorities, the cause of the Moreni camp, which understands that it has been running for a number of years with bad violations. Reliability was also seen by educational establishments or education authorities that include incompetent children. There is a law in the Republic of Republic that clearly states that children who have not been immunized are not admitted to society. At the same time, organizing this meeting on my own campaign is about it the sites are not doing well t"Pavel Filip said.

However, the Minister Svetlana Cebotari also pointed out that the vast majority of cases were recorded in areas in the south and central of the country. "In this respect, children and adults are immunized in risk situations in the country. We will check all children in the first month of the school year to prevent measles in the community. Similarly, children who have not been immunized will not be admitted to educational establishments In the areas where we meet meetings with members of religious beliefs, we discuss the importance of immunization. t , "said Cebotari.

In the first seven months of this year, 37 cases of measles were found. At the same time, 90 cases were confirmed in August alone, and a further 83 children have measles symptoms. Over the last ten years, the vaccine level was 95 per cent, and now stands at 87 per cent. Mustache is also a violation in Ukraine and Romania.

Epidemiologists reminds people that infectious measles is a very real disease and that it is rapidly spreading. It is spread from one person to another through the air with a blow to the wake of a sneeze, cough and attachment to the victim of the disease. The first indication of the disease is high fever, which lasts for 1-7 days. Common explosions happen 3-4 days after the fever is revealed. Pneumonia is the most common cause of death in measles.

Rujeola is only forbidden by immunization. In the Republic of Moldova, the vaccine is administered by measles vaccination, folding and rubella (ROR) at one year, 6-7 years, 14-15 years. Vaccination is free to all people who qualify.

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