The Google project to improve a search engine in China can create a break in the & # 39; company Technology


Ceud of staff Google The public asked for her & # 39; The company Tuesday Tuesday abandoned a research engine project China which meets the heating requirements; Beijing calls its internet users.

Call the "Dragonfly" to the project. It was recognized in October by the Google Director, Sundar Pichai, who failed to argue that he was a bit; Improved powerful engineer with restrictions than to abandon Chinese with more hygienic tools.

"We have nothing to do with China against the face of the Dragonfly", says a letter signed 90 workers and asking colleagues to come together. "We are addressing technologies that help the powerful to protect the most vulnerable, anywhere", he said.

"Dragonfly in China would cause a dangerous risk at a time of political uncertainty, a prospect of preventing Google from declining similar reductions to other countries," the letter wants.

A number of organizations also announce their project, including Watch Human RightsUnlimited Borders and International Amnesty, launched an online petition to ask for her to be abandoned.

"It's a turning point to Google," said Joe Westby, Amnesty International's human rights researcher and technology, in an article published on the organization's website on Tuesday.

"As the world's leading search engine, I should have an Internet host where information is available freely instead of supporting a shady option from the Chinese government, "he said.

During a month in San Francisco, Sundar Pichai said Google should "Think very badly" about the Chinese market, despite criticizing the problem of its company with state-based security in China.

"We always focus on a series of values," he explained. "And we must also respect the law that is relevant in every country," he said.

"It is about that that we can respond to over 99% of the inquiries (…) There are many issues where we provide better quality information than what is available right now, "he said.

Google closed its search engine in China in 2010, after she refused to complain to the Beijing bid to pursue search results.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the New York Times website are constrained in China, as long as a Microsoft search engine, Bing, works.

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