The government added large taxes to Edenor and Edesur for almost $ 500 million


National Electricity Regulator (ENRE) has been implemented Hard sanctions against Edenor and Edesur power distributors, which includes the Buenos Aires City transport area and Buenos Aires towns.

The sanctions, for a $ 460,953.5 million in total, which corresponds to the half-yearly review of the regulator; performing on companies, to evaluate it service quality, as set up in public hearings.

Edesur to punish him $ 290,898,949.79long as it is Edenor be paid 170,054,507.31 piecess.

The governing body was evaluated three things to verify that they comply with the levels required by distributors: Quality of the Technical Service, who considers frequency and a breach of power supply (which accounted for more than half of the taxes), Technical Select Quality (voltage and disturbance level), and the Commercial Service Quality, who evaluates the response times to connect new users, and # 39; Given the & # 39; appreciate, the food error bids or reinstatement of the supply that is suspended as a result of unpaid.

To measure it quality of technical service which both provide, ENRE will have a & # 39; Using two international usage indicators: average frequency of breakdown on each rescue user and his / her; total breakdown of term users.

For this sign, taxes were added for almost all $ 260 million in the March-August weekly course between those sent to Edenor ($ 154.5 million) and Edesur ($ 105,337.5 million), but for the last company, the the quality of the commercial service was too large and was under control $ 178.6 million per annum.

ENRE stated that the contracts for the licensing of a public distribution service include a system of punishment which is implemented when the licensors are going over there limitations of quality tolerance of the service is based.

"Because those who affect those who receive them, the penalties that are submitted to the companies as they are compensation, changing the cost (tax) paid by users to the quality provided with the distributors, "he said.

So, in the tax framework, ENRE identified sinThe money will be reimbursed to customers passions through the invoice are consistent.

The ENRE analyzed the results of the semi-annual review of Edenor and Edesur of the breakdown "leaving to the established levels", which corresponds to the semester March-August 2018, an
time after the Comprehensive Tariff Survey (RTI), where a tariff, quality and investment situation was set up until 2021.


In case Edenor, average frequency frequency breakdown per user 3.99 hours per semester, and it's 14.65 times; of the total break of the episode.

Regarding the affected areas, the were small cuts -By size and time- in the & # 39; city ​​of Buenos Aires (societies 2, 12, 13, 14 and 15), except for commune 11 (Devoto, Villa del Parque, Santa Rita and Villa General Miter) and party Vicente López. In both cuttings most often In the remote areas of the Buenos Aires square, as it was General Rodriguez, General Las Heras and Marcos Paz.

in terms of Edesur, average frequency frequency breakdown per user 4.15 hours per semester, and it's a full time to & # 39; The bankruptcy broke 14.41 hours.

With zones, the cuts were smaller – with measure and time – in the city of Buenos Aires (societies 1 to 10), although there was a break most often happening in distant areas of the city, such as San Vicente, Cañuelas and Berazategui.

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