The Government refused to pay money to the Court and the courts will strike – 11/27/2018


In a new chapter that opposes the institutional tension and times the High Court will be issued on key issues, as the judges need to pay Salaries, the Government refused to fund the assets ; ask the High Court to deal with 20 per cent increase in expected 2016 salary reimbursement with judicial staff.

Warning about the situation, on Clarin, from the National Union of Labor and Justice, led by Julio Piumato, launched a motion for this evening at Palace; Justice and consolidation stop for Thursday. "We are sorry to displease this sadness of Independence." If this is to be decided, we will confirm justice, "said Piumato. Clarin.

Through note, is signed by the head of staff, Marcos Peña; the Government complained that it had not responded before the request for budget strengthening of $ 1,605 billion pesos made by the Court in October, after agreeing with a 40% salary increase with the courts. "No response has been made previously because the recently agreed Budget was cure," a & # 39; explains the letter from the Office of the Cabinet to the High Court ministers.

Already in the hard response to the demand, Peña says "the effort made by the Government, the departmental governments and other State powers" and its "maintenance" that the budgets have changed, # 39; ask, impact on the Treasury resources"

In this way, the head of the Cabinet asks that the Court should "rule within a framework of shared actions" that a 10% salary increase for December 2018 should be , The "Will be given in the next year". That is already with a new Budget application. "In February, as the National Administration", they sent it from the Government.

In a number, Peña published that he would go with the 10 percent increase the Court organized for October, he will change games of current exercise.

As published ClarinThe object of the required funds was on the # 39; The court was courted at the lunchtime of Mauricio Macri with the president of the Court, Carlos Rosenkrantz, at the beginning of the month.

Substances are closely after preserving saying that the measurement has not dropped well in the High Court and that it is very good. exceeded the definition on Tuesday of the High Court, whether judges appointed from 1 January 2017 should pay Profits, as established by Law 27,346 on promotion by this Government, or should benefit from the government that enjoyed their oldest leaders.

Those voices that have been consulted argue that it may be revenge for a possible lawsuit for the Government in which the regulation for pension change is to be dealt with, in accordance with the timetable set by the Court, on 10 December. "Marcos is hot because it's the failure to retrieve the failure of a vacancies and a step on its fund," said legal resources.

What do you mean? In the case of a retired post office, Luis Blanco, requesting the State to renew their salaries based on the Basic Salaries Index of Business and Acquisition (ISBIC) and not with the Ripte, the average average salary of Stable Workers, used to minimize the amount of tax and screen. Income Tax Update. The Government entered this index to work out resource modifications in historic repairs.

It's happening to do so; Blanco received a favorable ban – that is, it has been paid by the ISBIC – before the law was allowed to do so in 2016. Therefore, the definition of High Court could be ; Justice to influence tens of thousands of practitioners in the same situation. For the Government, in the interim, It could affect the budget, because this plugin update is updated in & # 39; more affecting the Ripte.

Among many corridors, which occur between the changes that occurred in the & # 39; Court after the idea of ​​Carlos Rosenkrantz in the president and how; left Ricardo Lorenzetti, the key issues that need to be explained and affected by the government The government includes a 2×1 application for criminal purposes against humanity, vote registered for December 4; and the law of the slogan in Santa Cruz, seven days later.

In this context, the courts will impose on her & # 39; Court comply with the agreement. But they keep the Government responsible. "This is about passing a quiz on the Government to a salary agreement. This government has promised to comply with the court order and now it wants to mark its agenda. & Asks the Court to meet the salary increase with one agreed, "added Piumato.

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