The Government remembers a Legislation to address strike information from Power Workers Union


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The Ford government has stated that it intends to recall the Legislation to bring back legislation to work to ensure that Generation Power (OPG) staff are still going on.

OPG received a strike from Power Workers & Union (PWU) Friday, which is a begin to re-start OPG nuclear reactors in Darlington and Pickering, as well as the closure of 66 OPG hydro-electric stations.

PWU represents about 6,000 OPG staff. The previous general agreement came to an end on 31 March 2018.

A bargaining began between the two parties in January and a trial agreement was withdrawn on June 4. But despite the PWU membership of the offer. Bargaining continued and another vote on the same offer was held this month, which was rejected again.

As a result, the Ontario government stated that it would remember the Legislation.

"With the uncertainty that created the disagreement between Ontario Power Generation and the Union of Workers' Energy, the government's resolution is 42nd Parliament at 1 pm on Monday, December 17 for the introduction of legislation to ensure that staff still have the power to do the job, "said Scottish Government House Director, Todd Smith, in a statement.

OPG is about half of the electricity in Ontario.

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