The government should not be able to fall on a crucial issue, says Erik Tomas


Erik Tomas, a member of the partnership, says that Andrej Danko is the legitimate chairman of the SR National Council.

The current government co-operation should not be a hard work issue. In the Tal3 speech session In Politics, Erik Tomas, a member of the Smeru-SD partnership, said that Andrej Danko (SNS) is a legitimate chairman of the SR National Council.

"Smer-SD is hanging out for an amazing meeting," said Danko. But the quality of hard work should not be determined by newspaper articles, but by experts, and a committee has already been set up to examine it, "he said.

Sergeant Spaniard Eugen Jurzyca confirmed that signatures for an incredible meeting have already been started on the collection. "There are known reasons. If Mr Danko works, why did he stop his publication?" He asked.

His first Deputy Chairman of the CPS, Jaroslav Paška, had a & # 39; explains Dank's words that the work should be considered according to the parameters at the time Danko wrote. "He chose the procedure he chose. He did the job in good faith and he was convinced that he had the right to apply for JUDr." He said.

On the other hand, we are a family advocate that supports Danka. "Would you have a daughter run by a doctor who won the title? And we left the state of the man, who won the title, administration," said Milan Krajniak.

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