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Wednesday, 11/18/2018 10:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Thanks to market demand, Mr Nguyen Van Thang, in sub-area 11 (Hat Lot town, Mai Son area, Son La province) have been eaten for nursery. There are only 2,000 square meters of land that send hundreds of millions of dong family to a family.

In recent years, some crops prices such as corn, cassava and rushes have been constantly reduced, causing problems for farmers. Son La's policy wants to restructure its product, instead of ineffective tree species with high economic value, to maximize revenue. As a result, the nursery fairy fruit has been "heat", and as a result there is a stable income for many families.

The one raised the seed that was thrown away, seals carried, stored, and earned money - 1

In recent years, the demand for expanding human beings has increased its business in the nursery. Good income for many houses.

Deemed necessary, Mr Thang and his family have rented their land, and # 39; Collect seeds to sell seeds to market. The need to clear more trees, make a nursery song, with just 2,000 m2 of nursery land at Mr Thang, which focuses on hundreds of millions of dollars. The income of each unit department is several times higher than the other crops.

In terms of the nursery's sum, Mr Thang said: Both of them researched agriculture that graduated in 2000. Mr Thang graduated from the Agricultural and Medium Forestry College in Quang Ninh Province, and his wife from the Son of the Agricultural and Forestry College. A woman and woman applied for work at the Mac Lat's home lab, Hat Lot home, Mai Son is a stable salary area. From experience learned at school and practical knowledge at the breeding center, Thang always grows up as a nursery for himself.

The one raised the seed that was thrown away, sewage sealed, washed, made money - 2

Thang nursery is designed in a way, straight line bedding, growing green trees.

In 2003, with a reduced proportion of capital, he and his wife rented two pieces of land from locals near the plant's nursery. "At that time, I just gave up a small, just both knowledge gathering, and market analysis. At that time, there was no The demand for many fruit trees, so I used to use mango, longan, orange and grapefruit for sale to neighbors. For about 5 years, the demand for human beings has risen . I use all of my land for the nursery to renew, there are more than 10 plant types in the garden, "Thang shared.

The one raised the seed that was thrown out, seeds were carried, grafted, made money - 3

To influence the impact of sunlight, Mr Thang made a roof for the trees, which helped the plants to grow in bad weather.

To take seeds to the nursery, Thang to mango growers, with the Song Ma region leaflet, collected seed from the houses, bought for the preservation and seeding of apples trees to the Muong area La, Buy yen, pattern of seeds, sail to Phu Tho … Enter the soil, add seed to the nursery, and grow seed. According to Thang, to grow well, when they choose seed, only grain of native species should be collected, grain granite should not be cut, due to slow development and longevity.

The one raised the seamless seeds, creel, sedimentary slices, make money - 4

Thang nursery is always creating jobs for 7-8 local workers

Sharing about how to grow the tree, he said, how to do it; you grow each different tree. For mango, longs, grapefruit is easier to grow, just add the seabed into the water, and sustain its sustainability. grow. Typically with rods, paint, paint, more difficult for nursing, they need to care for everything, each tree can grow small. When the plant's complexity is about 50cm to 60cm, it starts to & # 39; cutting of gutters, high quality seeds. In order to ensure that there is a good nutrition for plants, daily water should be mixed with fosphate fertilizer to clear the trees, and keep the soil, sun to shine, cover cover can be avoided, a & # 39; avoid spilling, leaving pages. In this way, Thang nursery is constantly growing sad.

The one of the seeds that were thrown away, preserved, was broken into flowers, and earned money - 5

Thanks to good care, Thang nursery is always green

At present, the chromatic structure of chromatic crops is significantly increasing, which causes the seed seed demand to be grown; growing. Each year Thang's nursery sold thousands of seeds to markets in and out of the region such as Dien Bien, Lai Chau … they collected hundreds of millions. VND prices are 20,000 / root and VND price is 40,000 / root on each of the seeds in Mr Thang's apple, and at the expense of the time.

Apply to & # 39; market, in 2017, he established a co-worker who specializes in the manufacture and commercialization of plant types. Thang is not just a garden that Thang always creates jobs for 7 to 8 local employees, with a 12,000-day income.

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