The grandfather will investigate a homophobic attack that could have been burned in a tank with National Gasket Water


Large-scale attack prevented a 52-year-old family that was burned inside a tub of boiling water in Porvenir, the Tierra del Fuego capital.

According to his clan, Erin Ruiz, the program of violence that causes internal laws to burn.

"He was not deserving of what they did for him. And they had done so terriblely. We'll reach the last ones, We want a jail, we ask them to pay for what they did. Because it can be saved, in the state, it will be left out, "he said.

For this reason, Attorney General Provenir, Wendoline Acuña, said that they are gathering information about the people who are. attacking them to make the complaint.

At the same time, José Daño Muñoz Vargas, 52 years old, residing in hospital in the Important Patient Unit in the Magallanes Clinical Hospital, in Punta Arenas, waiting to move to Santiago.

"It is in a state of trouble. In fact, the type of shooting, with a technical index, is treated as a great shooting. Indeed, GES's psychology is, that's why it was imperative to move to Santiago, "he explained the blade, Claudio Quintana.

At the same time, the medical group placed the patient stay with 20% of his body burned, but the amount with other problems is in a problematic situation.

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