The Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers will be able to take the lead to playoffs after a loss


MINNEAPOLIS – Aaron Rodgers promised nothing.

It was not that the Green Bay Packers would "" run their tablets "- a & # 39; His mantra in 2016 when they were 4-6 and got out to the NFC Championship Match.

He was responsible after another chance on Sunday night in Minnesota, where Packs fell 0-6 on the road and 4-6-1 in general with a loss of 24-17 Sunday nights at the Bank's Park SA.

"I know I need to play better," he said. "But I do. And we will put ourselves in a position."

And that's how Rodgers finished his post-release news conference.

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Previously, however, he recognized that even even the best for this season would not be saved. Yes, there are five stunning games that believe that the remaining album is linked to the Rams for the easiest in the NFL. But after the Vikings were able to break down, they could still have a & # 39; Loss of playoffs at 9-6-1.

"You can break the numbers there," said Rodgers. "I can tell you that you do not get 8-7-1 but I do not think.

"We are currently signing up clearly. We need some help from some of the teams and then we need to look after our own business, you know? We need to find a way to win a game on the road. We are 0-6 on the road. So, we just return home, get some rest, hit Arizona … and then come back and hit Atlanta … to Chicago, where we have won several times, hitting them … go to New York around Christmas, hitting them … and then they come home to Detroit, hitting them. Get some help. "

Like him that he wanted to spend most of this season, Rodgers did not have a terrible time. It was not just as detailed as the seasons. After a game, it was a & # 39; lamenting that he stopped Davante Adams for what would have been a 20-yard recycle in the fourth quarter and his / her; Turning at St Brown's casualties, the ordinary, St Brun, and cast him off. A week earlier in Seattle, he finally stopped a major badge at Marquez Valdes-Scantling's legs.

If the Packs left the playoffs, this is a & # 39; The first time they did this in a number of years since Rodgers first started in 2008. Last year he lost half of the season with a broken football. This year, it has started every game that despite the injuries of Seven Year's knees saying that it is no longer a factor.

"That's really unhappy," said Rodgers, who had the only Super Bowl in the 2010 season. "Indeed, I have a lot of cleaner in the mushroom than I did a few years ago So I know that football dying is susceptible to everyone, and you've never lost a season – especially when you were in a while; A good start to start We're going to attack the next five weeks and we will put ourselves in the situation in the conversation. Then we are I hope it's enough, and as I always say, you just have to get in. So we need to win these five and see what happens. "

Rodgers mentioned the 2016 season, when playoffs seemed like a long picture with a 4-6 record.

The Packers are still looking for the "moment momentary" that Rodgers mentioned 10 days earlier after Seattle's loss.

"We'll see what we've done in the last five weeks," said Rodgers. "Are we going to save together in these hard times, or are we going to start splintering? I would like to think that the Leadership that we can conserve together through anything that happens, but it will appear in those five weeks. "

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