The Grinch – criticism and rushes for the film – drama messages


It's green, gloomy and attractive Christmas: With "The Grinch" it comes from the lively red hair from the children's book class "How the Christmas Grinch stole" by Dr. Ing. New Seuss on Canvas. Together with his dog, Max wants to go to # 39; destroyers of Whobille the Christmas residents.

The songs, they are just the sound of the ears. And only the celebrity light, because he pulled his eyes! Also in the new cinema project on the number of children's best books at Dr. med. Seuss, "The Grinch" can not do anything with Christmas. From Thursday you can look at how the green Griesgram wants to steal the love of a fairy – and with Otto Waalkes' voice but then showing a lot of heart.

The Grinch – A short look for the movie

The 1957 was published "How the Grinch Christmas was stolen" already changed in 1966 as a lively cartoon, and was followed in 2000 by Jim Carrey with an unfamiliar look with broad views of Hollywood. The creators "Minions" from Illumination have now made a decision on intermediate route: The directors Scott Mosier and Yarrow Cheney attend a vibrant animation adventure that will, dealing with balanced equilibrium work between slapstick and kitsch that has not been lost.

The original situation is rapidly explained: In the Who-Ville Mental Illness, young and older people look forward to the forthcoming party, except the Grunch bottom, which is a staying at the nearby hill in an amazing cave, but does not want to know about Christmas. When he and his legitimate dog eat out just before the 24th of December, they may need the way down to their knees to provide – and long – and – as you are, you can also do some scenes,

It's coming as it needs to come: since this Christmas wants to be three times larger than usual, it's a give up the fine Grünling. The saving idea can be found soon: just stole Christmas! At least in Who-Ville – because Santa Claus can give the whole world in one night, he may be creating 223 houses. Quickly, sighs are worried, reindeer finds (Fred's cars are the secret star of the movie), and where we go to nighttime, Thanks to the amazing Technikfirlefanz credit. Only if that does the Grinch really be happy?

The Grinch – Thinking

Writers written by Michael LeSieur and Tommy Swerdlow wrote the first one from Dr. Seuss turned into a fast, but not enough story, which looks like children's eyes appear. The old "Kevin – Alone to Home" style is a good slate to meet it; A critical break for Advent season, when the Cindy Lou is little to express the Santa who is opposing a real demand, and so Grinch's plans stopped. This is also well decorated with almost every classical song of the season – from "Silent Night" to "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" that there is nothing left.

And Otto? Does that thing like a wannabe monster with its heart in the right place is very good, though it does not; came out as well as the "Ice Age" series as Sid's. For this reason, his voice appears through a happy boundary that may be correct from the beginning, even though the eyes of the Grioch are so beautiful. And voice voice: With its & # 39; little goat in this movie, it can include a rod of at least one.

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