The Guarani president is confirming Osmar Loss as a coach for 2019


With an inconvenient situation in Corinthian, the club that organized this year is so effective, the Guarani coach will be Osmar Call the next season. The information was reinforced by the president of Bugre, Palmeron Mendes Filho, to Uol.

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According to the agent, his coach will finish his relationship with Timão to sign with the Campinas team. In this arrangement, take three professionals Call the technical committee. However, the names have not been published.

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After a further three months that was over a Romanian, the coach is learning to fulfill his job. After being lost by the professional, he traveled to Europe to watch the games of the main Middle East clubs. For the São Jorge Park team, he played 22 games, with eight winners, four drawings and ten losses.

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Photographic belief: Daniel Augusto Jr / Corinthians

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