The guardian asked for the law to proceed


On the morning of November 22, the Ho Chi Minh Minh City Court held its opposition against the Vietnam Sunshine Corporation (Vinasun) based in Vietnam for Grab Vietnam Co ., Ltd. (Grab) to pay off payments outside the VND41.2 billion Trial contract.

At today's court, representatives from the Vinasun Vandalism assessment unit were still in attendance; going off the company Cuu Long. Because its & # 39; court on the appraisal unit to accept or disable; putting the assessment unit at the hearing, the purchasing judge still has a & # 39; let the hearing continue.

Seum Vinasun Take for compensation of 41 billion dollars: the respondent suggested the protection of an enactment - Picture 1.

Today, the hearing was "hot" when Vinasun and Grab's representatives made a strong argument.

Today, a prosecution followed by a question. Although the applicants, ie Vinasun, were hosting their & # 39; think that compensation is given, that side did not; give further evidence.

After the Tribunal has restored the ban, the Test Panel has asked Compu Long to output its output; Vineon Vulnerabile was currently criticized. from January 2016 to 2017.

So, Cuu Long said that Vinasun was to reduce its market marketing with Grab at this time. In particular, although Ho Chi Minh City stock market index is over 500 points, Vinasun departments have 21,000 dong / share. When the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange rose more than 700 points, Vinasun division fell to VND14,000 / division.

However, Grab's side does not agree with this evaluation. Grab said Cuu Long is based on data reported in security companies uncertain.

Suidh Vinasun Compensation of compensation of 41 billion dong: Respondent suggested protection of enactment - Picture 2.

Mr Jerry Lim, Director of Grab, spoke to reporters after his trial.

In addition, these data are recommended by companies for "only information" trips, and are not responsible for the accuracy of the data.

A representative Grab said that the Compu Long Company survey does not have the right to say that the foundations in which Vinasun are harmful.

The court raised together when Vinasun's representative opposed Grab's views. The complainant stated that his / her assessment decision is based on his / her; research process, long-term research. This is one of the foundations to verify Vinasun's damage.

Grab said that Vinasun bids were without use, and the jury's suggestion was to stop her. case. Then the jury allowed the court, who was registered to resume a test late tomorrow.

After the hearing, Director Grab Jerry Lim was disappointed when the unit representative was absent. This will raise a number of questions about the evaluative results that Grab have made they have not enough answers.

"Vinasun side did not give evidence to support their application, so we asked the jury to stop the lawsuit," said Grab.

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