The guest is Lugner's stronghold, Elle Nic a 'Phearsain, who is Opens Abfuhr – Opera Ball


Richard Lugner will take Elle Nic a & # 39; MacPherson to Opera Opera Ball last year.

Richard Lugner will take Elle Nic a & # 39; MacPherson to Opera Opera Ball last year.
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Again, Richard Lugner has no easy time with his star star. Elle Nic a 'Phearsain did not block Opera Toni Mörwald's member recorder, and also how; ask the installer before the builder's timetable.

The guest of Richard Lugner for the Opera Opera Member on February 28, the director of Elle MacPherson, has rejected his recommendation; menu for the party dinner. The reason: "agency" is a real toy. "She means she's beautiful," said the mastermaster.

Even the other menu with Sashimi is now the master can pick up an individual wholesaler. "Without animals too. It's valuing nutrition as having a health impact," Lugner told APA Sunday.

Elle Nic a 'Phearsain allowed Lugner to choose

Instead of "oatmeal with yuzu, avocado & feur-mara" no "bileag feòlagan with mushrooms, gutters and oats" Toni Mörwald is now serving "Salad of ice-pickered ice rush with kohlrabi, oil dill and china seed ". The mastermaster and the supermodel can also taste "mushrooms with roasted corners, potatoes and Perigord plates" as well as "to break a lot with Chinese marsh, cuan and cabbage". "We are now waiting to see if the menu is recommended to meet the nutritional needs of Elle Mac a Phearsain," said Lugner.

Growing very closely: "One plane has already emerged"

But not just the food, but also when they come "The Body" it seems not easy. As she wants to stay one night in London, Lugner has been going to & # 39; plane planning for Sunday, and can relax on Tuesday to continue traveling to Vienna. "She refused," said the mastermaster.

Instead, she is thinking of flying from the USA to London on Monday. "That's short. We have set a date for her tomorrow, she has to make a decision. One of the aircraft has already been saved," said Lugner.

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