The guilty of a person in custody for the Internal Interior's misconduct – was paid


Stara Zagora District Court confirmed that lawyer, Lachezar Bosakov, was convicted of the situation convicted by the artist Marian Ivanov, who was in custody for 19 months due to a well-known opinion of the Divisional Directorate Interior Ministry. It's not just 500 dollars in it; punishment, as it is an unavoidable issue – 0.3 grams of marijuana are worth 2,30 leva, but with its current decision the 34-year-old is also paid with the case costs at 3000 leva closing. The worry is that they include the knowledge of the local police surgeon (now with certification), that is why it's a? come back behind bars – with their legitimate food phenylethylamine, bought from a pharmacy, is designated as amphetamine.

After a new knowledge of the Interior Institute of Ministry of Science Science in Sofia, the error was detected and half-yearly Mariane was released. Although he was innocent in prison, the procurator asked an effective sentence for the small amount of cannabis found in the & # 39; his bag and applied for a first-place decision to be punished. The court is now considered to be fair without having a # 39; go to jail but pay the quoted knowledge.

This is the writer's solicitor by the writer at this time:

"There is no other bad endeavor in the Stara Zagora case open to the High Parade Court, who has cut off the same opportunity to bring his case to Sofia, where there are law makers who have & Compliance with the law, different to their colleagues in a number of regional courts where they are "on use" and almost do not read the use of the High Court of Practice, which is (It is not a criminal act, although it is formal and the crime indicators that are provided by law, because it is not obvious or its public danger is very important – b .) But the main purpose of this justice is to discharge its ability to deter the state of the time spent in detention without adequate causeI am sorry to say so, buddies, but laws in our poor state do not do. There is a defensive device that breaks the little person until he died from the desire to be able to; stay more here and at the same time closing his eyes to the largest crimes in the state. No doubt! ". said, Bosakov did not give a lawyer and will include a legal claim for resumption of his claim, as is allowed by his / her. Code of Penal Procedures or for compensation under the State Duty for Deprivation Act.

Marian himself,

"I do not have words but I do not have the money I got out of my prison. I received 150 levaes from the Labor Bureau and since then I have worked hard. I went to RA, I put a plasterboard, painted me, and on Saturday and Sunday I was at the door. I spent 1500 leva, but when I returned to Bulgaria at the airport, on the road between the two destinations, I attacked and stolen my stomach with all money. At least I got rid of and did not fight, and my phone stayed in me. But the other day I borrowed money to get a new ID because I was in the backpack. The bad thing is, even if I start, I'll get the most money to pay the costs. In addition, my teeth have been very bad after their imprisonment, I do not know what I do. They said they could not put bridges, and they had to go directly with 1000 leva, because I was there, due to lack of care for months, things were wrong. ; get worse. And me I do not even have money to pay my room… ".

The young man said he was spoiled because the hearing lasted only a few minutes, and the prosecution continued saying that 20 grams of amphetamine were found.

"Bosakov's Attorney General said:" Mr Treasurer, did you read the matter? "Indeed, he did not know that he was proven to be a nutritional improvement," said Marian, who was extremely depressed by a Bulgarian court.

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