The hard view that gets Mario Salas in Colo Colo is rising rapidly


Last night, Mario Salas manages his first training under Colo Colo, He has never dreamed of & # 39; led and was a lifelong fan, according to his own message. And doing so in the middle of a complex environment, what has been done in the last few months.

Starter's day began very early. At 8am, the car was already parked in the Macul building, to complete its first work in the first team. Among other things, resolved with Marcelo Espina the names of football who live in the template, with the case of Jaime Valdés, in a hurry for the start of her. processed in Buenos Aires, starting on January 6.

Rooms up to her lover's club as the only element of a synchronization in a directory marked by the differences between Aníbal Mosa's block and Gabriel Ruiz Tagle and Leonidas Vial, which are resolved in the usual courts and also the Commission for its financial market. The product is, at least, its flavor; board, for advocating advocacy, work with young people and their character.

In the runner room the DT receives several smaller players in relation to those who lasted last year. That is: Lucas Barrios, Fernando Meza, Gonzalo Fierro, César Pinares, Pablo Soto, Bryan Véjar, Nicolás Maturana. Others on the line, such as Jaime Valdés, have set the club to "find friendly".

Although Rooms do not block young football, it aims to encourage the values ​​of the lowest people to First team, something that was very difficult during the last season, as Héctor Tapia was not underestimated by Sub 20 that he was in his position.

Marcelo Espina, sports director and good friend of Shalas, said the idea was to allow the technology to work calmly in the & # 39; his two-year contract. Yes, for her & # 39; The basic requirement in this first season is to be & # 39; fight the title or at least ensure that the certificate is offset; Copa Libertadores 2020 invasion, as he sent a certificate for this year's organization. means that the lost people have made it important for money.

While he was & # 39; Waiting for strengthening (for now only Juan Carlos Gaete, extinguishing Cobresal) begins, Rooms are Starting his most important challenge, with the intention of bringing back peace with the results of the court. Although the Black and White era during the time, the waters were not quite calm.

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