The hashtag of the UDI that has resulted in heavy dragging through social networks


Regarding the failure of electricity in choosing the Government's instructions Unitary Democratic Union, next Sunday, December 16th, his vote will be started to confirm if a headteacher is in a position; party Javier Macaya no Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe.

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Because of this, the two figures are making crucial enterprises on social networks, asking every militant to vote.

The platforms used are Twitter, a place where candidates have the own havehtag to create support teams.

In the case of the Macaya advocate, he chose the tradition with the havehtag: #YovotoMacaya. Although her grandfather and president of the UDI today have chosen her nickname "Cocaine", as a result of the label: #FirmesConLaCoca.

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This has created hundreds of answers from the users of the bird's social network Relationship to the name Van Rysselberghe with Cocaine Hydrochloride, they have fun about the situation by creating fun memes.

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