The Head of Capital gave work to the New Commander


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Secretary of State Hoang Trung Hai and Deputy Minister of Defense Phan Van Giang congratulates two companions Nguyen Doan Anh and Nguyen Hong Thai

Comedy: Member of the Central Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee, Chair of the People's Nguyen Duc Chung Committee; Deputy Secretary of the Party, Chairman of Comhairle nan Daoine Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc; Deputy Communist Party Secretary of Denmark, Dao Duc Toan, for the conference.

Earlier, on 9-11, the Prime Minister has just expressed the decision of Major General Nguyen Doan Anh – Chief Executive of the Capital of Hanoi's Capital announced to the post of Head of Military Division 4.

On November 14, at the Ministry of Defense's headquarters, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Defense held a conference on the " Concerning the work of staff: in which Major General Nguyen Hong Thai, Deputy Chief Executive, Army Chief Executive, Zone 2 was appointed as Head of Hanoi's Chief Executive of Hanoi

After his Consultant, Nguyen Doan Anh gave out circulars of dispatch, representatives from the Ministry of Defense, Hanoi and his / her representatives. Capital Company participated in the comments.

For this reason, Major General Nguyen Doan Anh, who was the head of the Capital Consolidation and Major General Nguyen Hong Thai, Commander, Capital Command, officially signatured for issuing Head of Leadership leadership; Chief Executive of the Capital. South Westerly

At the meeting, Lieutenant General Phan Van Giang, Deputy Minister of Defense, said Hanoi is a good place to improve military staff. Rural Deputy Minister thanked the Hanoi Party Committee to create favorable conditions for his & her; The Military Military Commission and the Ministry of Defense to use favorable friendly work and evaluate Nguyen Doan Anh, after more than 20 years working in the capital. Hanoi, who is increasingly adult and has been helped by her & her; The Central Military Commission that is responsible for the new task, is evidence.

The Deputy Deputy Minister also expects Mr Nguyen Doan Anh, his new position, to fulfill his duties and responsibilities in the 6 departments at his / her. 4th Military Division, which is particularly individual with sea boundaries and land boundaries. Immediately …

The Deputy Deputy Minister also asks, Major General Nguyen Hong Thai, Chief Executive; Capital Command continues to & # 39; Promoting the achievements that have been achieved; In order to control, control, perform better, actions … and the Ministry of Defense will create the best conditions for its & Capital Leadership.

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The leaders of Ha Noi congratulate two companions Nguyen Doan Anh and Nguyen Hong Thai

Having seen the sexual abuse, on behalf of the Committee of the Party, the Government and the people of the United States. Program, Secretary of State Hoang Trung Hai, congratulated two Nguyen Doan Anh couples and Nguyen Hong Thai on the new job.

According to the Secretary of the Town Party Committee, armed forces have a " capital has gradually grown up with its capital; the country's construction and development process and its home; strong political force, bravery … Every step, the success of their home is important in the & # 39; supporting the Capital Order.

The Secretary of the Communist Party "s" thanking the products of the Armed Forces in the Capital Commission in recent years and was shared by Mr Nguyen Doan Anh to undertake new tasks with many problems and challenges; I hope that the partners will not feeling the confidence of the Middle Military Commission, Ha Noi completed the work successfully.

Comrade Hoang Trung Hai, Secretary of the Party Committee, Communist Party Secretary of the Capital Order also has a " Every new CEO wishes President Nguyen Hong Thai Capital to create a vibrant tradition; Promoting LLVT Priorities; Develop constantly the ability to advise committees; Party Party, local authorities at all levels on the defense and military issues of their areas, and to build a strong, strong and extensive Hanoi capital. showing the whole army; Add more to the construction of the millennium of Capitol civilization …

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