The headline note is discounted during Black Friday 2018


In order to obtain "valuable" results, Vietnamese users should take care of the price, time of warranty, product likelihood … before buying.

Black Friday is the largest band in the year (picture: illustrated)

Black Friday is the largest band in the year (picture: illustrated)

With many wholesalers selling, Black Black is the best day for people on the day, because they can buy items with 70% discount -90%.

Depending on its general download, Black Friday is at its # 39; shop and online sales in Vietnam this year are also interesting. According to the survey of major trading centers in Ho Chi Minh City, most of the shops have been in the process of being in a position. suspend the 20% discount – 80% depending on the product. But attractive, however, users need to be careful before the "shocking" discounted by their shop. Knowing to & # 39; Purchasing at the time of construction, Mr Hoang Thuy, 28, in Ho Chi Minh City said: "The items are dropped by 70% – stock is usually stored, unless purchased. Well, buying a "new" or "fashion" is not important in buying. The new materials will usually reduce from 10% – 20%.

In addition to its price, today's customers should buy, electronic technology take care of the product warranty time. Many technological customers on Black Friday "will be back" when the product summarizes a warranty period (for example, from 12 months to 3 months, from 6 months to 2 months … ). The vendor will test at & # 39; shop or wait to restore it. To select a range of electronic and good quality materials, buyers should select materials at least 6 months, and look carefully at the likelihoods and features before buying. In particular, say "it's not" that the product has been damaged, moped, or has suffered from hardship suffering.

For concessionary goods such as fashion products, merchants need to look carefully at the general mistakes such as: herd, hedgehog, branch, color … Similarly, the purchase of discounted fines should pay particular attention to Use a packet, packing is not shaped or waterless.

Recently, Vietnamese users are trying to "hunt" for foreign cheap goods on Amazon – the largest online retailer of the online world. Amazon's Black Friday is not just attractive at up to 90% but it's really good when discounted to thousands of products on sale and on the logo. Amazon is a search warranty: technology, electronic, fashion, cheese, books.

Black Friday is a popular Amazon, but Vietnamese users express their purchases due to differences in language (English), high transport costs to Vietnam, complex custom modes …

Fado is the first extraneous export platform in Vietnam which is the " offers a wide range of services: to help users to & # 39; Hunting straightforward information on Amazon America, German, Japanese in Vietnam's Internet is easy to understand; The final valuation that the merchant needs to pay, there are no costs to help buyers easily to order orders; Historic price records help select merchants for the right time to buy; The feature will "Find out when a price drop" sends an email to buyers when the product returns; Falling to the price you want …

Air Fado, customers can deal with it

Air Fado, customers can deal with "hunting" on Amazon USA, Japan and Germany.

At this time, Fado's Black Friday 2018 site has uploaded up to 1,500 items in Amazon US, 2,678 in Amazon Japan and more than 1,723 Amazon products in Germany.

At this time, Fado offers a large amount of income and sales value from 100,000 VND to 1 million VND for all customers. The program will be held between 20-24 November 2018.


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