The Health Ministry should introduce a hospital surgery plan


Information about the new hospital should be broken down through the next week.

The Ministry of Health (MZ) of the Republic of Slobhacia has a detailed plan for the safety of Slavic hospitals to be delivered during the next week. This was confirmed by her speaker Zuzana Elias after a session of a parliamentary health committee, and their missionaries want information on the distribution of new hospitals.

Chairman of the Committee Štefan Zelník (SNS) acknowledges that the stratification was done much earlier, according to their own words, just after the appointment of the new minister. "It should be ready for the semester. It was two years past and there is no linear on the table. That is why we have promised the Minister to set his case By the end of this year, "he told TASR.

Specialist center

Initially, it is important to remember the patient and his safety. He explained that if some of the exhibitions are well done in hospitals, it is more likely to look at them in a specialist center. In his words, it's not just a question about how to # judging and handling, but also on operational care.

Hospitals are also involved in the inclusion of DRGs among the media of the Ministry of Health seeking to ensure more efficient distribution of resources in the department. After its application, Slock hospitals should make changes in the next 12 years. The changes should be related to hospital time, the number of beds, the number of exercises to be changed, and patient home care.

Hospitals should be divided into three types. In a first-class hospital, general healthcare would be provided, hospitals would be the second most specialized specialist and a third-class hospital that would be extremely specialized where cardiac patients were made.

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