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Normally, pensions are equivalent to 25 year old pensioners, searching for.

Experts from the Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, surveyed 28 people over 70 who have been working regularly since the 1970s to find out how to stay a & # 39; The determination of the physical decline related to the elderly age.

The results, published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, also highlighted those who work out regularly 30 years of age & biological and their body compared to their peers.

Interestingly, he was not athletes. in the subjects, but people who took their life into their lifestyle when the 1970s worked.

"We were very interested in people who started to work while doing and running on the 1970s," Scott Trappe said, high science science professor and author of the research.

They went on as acting. & # 39;

Using social media, researchers found 28 people who; maintain this activity level for five decades.

They also received two other groups: non-active 70-year-olds and serving 20 years.

The sciences designed the aerobic capacities of their partners and measured the numbers of clans and locomotives in their muscles – high levels that show wild health.

Interestingly, the muscles of old practitioners responded to those 20 years old.

Likewise, there were many chiefs and locomotives in their muscles than the inactive pensioners – which meant they had maintained the physical impact of old age.

Indeed, the same difference between the two active and young groups – was slightly less aerobic capacity.

However, for appropriate pensioners, this was still 40 per cent higher than their peers.

In addition, when the data was compared to national averages at different ages, the cardiac health of people from 30 years was younger than the active pensions.

The results suggest that the people who are able to getting older & build up & # 39; of good health, researchers said.

"These people were so strong," said Professor Trappe.

& # 39; I'm 50s and they're sure to & # 39; inspiring me to live. & # 39;

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