The heat goes on – when will we be in Sweden?


The weekend has offered a lot of sunshine with a much higher temperature than average for February in many places in the country.

Gladhammar was in Småland at 13.2 degrees Saturday, Stockholm met up to 9.7, Gothenburg received 8.1 and Luleå 7.6.

The weather of spring due to a large air size from Spain has been pulled overseas on Sweden.

– It's a classic airflow; when it starts rising, says Lasse Rydqvist, a fanologist at the Storm weather center.

Then the heat comes back

During the week we get a few days with worse weather and more clouds.

– Initially, it's still a bit of air, at least Monday. Then it will be a bit of air on Tuesday and especially Wednesday, says Lasse Rydqvist.

It follows:

– On Thursday, snow may be as far south as Götaland, as long as it is very stable in northern Sweden.

On Saturday, there will be a solution during the morning. passing parts of Svealand and Norrland. But then the time is for the next increase, even if it comes to, for example, Spain.

– It's an air flow from West Africa and Iberia Point; there. Then there are plenty of sunshine opportunities with extra measures in most of the whole country. In addition to the clouds in the southern end, Lasse Rydqvist says.

Leave Rydqvist.

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Lesser across the Norrland coastline

It can accommodate up to 9 Celsius degrees on the south side of the Norrland coast, which can be able to get the highest temperature of the country on Saturday. On the north coast of Norrland, it can reach up to 6 degrees.

– It's very hot for the season. It is warmer than usual throughout the country, but it is quite different from the usual.

The scenic weather seems to have even been at the beginning of the next week, although the prejudice is more uncertain then.

– It looks pretty dry and is still tough with several steps in the days.

Then the weather is weekend


Saturday: 5-9 degrees Celsius, under the auspices.

Sunday: 5-9 degrees Celsius, a mostly sunny.


Saturday: 2-8 degrees Celsius, named in the northwest. Good sunshine opportunities from the middle of the day.

Sunday: 2-8 degrees Celsius, named in the northwest. Sunday

South Norrland

Saturday: 0-9 Celsius, warm and sunny degrees at the east.

Sunday: 0-7 degrees Celsius, flowery and sunny at the east.

North Norrland

Saturday: From any low level at the top of the mountains up to 5-6 degrees Celsius on the Västerbotten coast, where the sun opportunities are larger.

Sunday: From any low level at the top of the mountain up to 5-6 degrees Celsius at the coast, where the sun opportunities are larger. In the mountains of snow or snow.

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