The High Court said that he could hear a case against the re-election of Weretilneck in Río Negro


With the four signatories of his members, he is the High Court he said he was able Understand the idea of ​​Victory, Martín Soria, against the election of Alberto Weretilneck in the Río Negro area.

The judges Ricardo Lorenzetti, Elena Highton of Nolasco, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Horacio Rosatti have been solved "declare that the current case is in accordance with the original law of this Court" t. However, the highest court president, Carlos Rosenkrantz, wanted to control the sovereignty of the Court in this case. He tried to influence his colleagues, who created a great deal of discomfort and many arguments, t According to commentary sources.

The main thing was to hit me, without In a similar case, such as the re-election of the Sergio Casas in La Rioja, Rosenkrantz had consolidated the High Court capacity.

As it may be known Infobae, the Court agreed the governor elections in La Rioja and Río Negro on 22 March, in a specific definition for the national government in the middle of the election timetable.

The regulators of La Rioja, Sergio Casas (PJ), and Río Negro, Alberto Weretilneck (Juntos Somos Río Negro) are awaiting the Court's explanations of the right of their candidates to authorize a new authority.

The Rio Negro elections have been scheduled in April 7. According to polls, Weretilneck-regulator would not have serious problems with the regeneration of the Casa Rosada. If the court decided to refuse his application, he would pass the way forward for Martín Soria, who was near Cristina Kirchner. And this would represent a hard loss for the Casa Rosada. The ones who believe there is some explanation Rosenkrantz was concerned about adopting the Court's capacity to investigate the issue.

The Electorate of the Río Negro halted revival of the Governor Weretilneck, but a local Court of Justice granted his claim to Superior. Face for Victory and for Change had challenged it.

Among the High Court ministers are described Scotland's law in 2013 when it banned Gerardo Zamora's attempt to go to another action rule.

At the case of La Rioja, Casas was assistant governor of Luis Beder Herrera between 2011 and 2015. It was then elected as the term-time regulator for 2015-2019. To restart for elections, click here to change the local Constitution that would require confirmation in a popular consultation. We tried to stop that vote, but in the first intervention the Court confirmed the plebiscite.

On 27 January, the people of La Rioja abandoned the call to the census: t only 44% took part in the popular consultation process and got the status of the regulator nearly 25.27 per cent t. As a result, a new legal dispute and a new exhibition of Cambiemos came to light before the tallest court, which now challenged Casas's attempt to restart.

The answer of the court: t

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