The High Court will impose the mandatory taxation fee; victim's attack for criminal offenses


Canada's leading court has abolished criminals convicted well, and abolished taxpayers sent by critics; blamed for keeping people with poor people caught up in the criminal justice system.

In 7-2 regulation, the High Court vaccine said that the right requirement to condemn judged judges does not consider the mitigation factors, aiming to revitalize and discharge it; expresses the intention of the Parliament to address a poor indigenous over-representation problem in prison.

"The exemption means a penalty unjust and unjustified and so it breaks Section 12 of (Copyright Contract), because its impact and impact ; Creating situations that are quite inconsistent to the appropriate sentences, which disturb terrible and inclusive levels of quality, "to read and write; of review.

The passive tax charge was introduced in 1989 as a means of making offenders more accountable and to express some of the costs of victims' programs and services.

By 2013, judges could leave the fine if the offender was poor, but a Conservative government made the necessary day and doubled the amount that judges would have to express.

The Liberal government moved to expose the necessary provisions under the C-75 Bill, which has cleared the House of Commons and is now before the Assembly.

Sec. 737 Criminal Code

Under Section 737 of the Criminal Code, an offender must have a victim of a victim's tax levy with 30 per cent of any fine ordered by her / her; court.

If it is not correct, the $-over sum for less crime and $ 200 for crime is more difficult. The court can also pay a higher tax if it is deemed appropriate and that the financial way of the crime is to; pay the higher amount.

But most of the majority of the Crime Code declined, saying that "it should be proved that there was no power and force."

"The government may also proceed to administration, as long as its Parliament can take to a revised and consistent version Charter of the exemption can be restored to the Criminal Code, "their judgment is read.

Speaker for the Justice and Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould said she "is learning her decision to assess the next steps."

Josh Paterson, executive director of B.C. The Civil Liberties Association, a representative of the case, said that "the criminal justice system was a" great benefit to fairness. "

"By committing offenders to pay this premium, even if they were unable to pay, many people were imprisoned just because they were poor, "he said in a statement.

"The court found that this is a credible and unusual punishment that eliminates the levels of confidentiality. Even convicted people who are not the importance of being held for years with the efforts of the collection and the threat of prison because they can not pay the money. "

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