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The latest news from cryptocurrency market accounts for one of the most important bitcoin prices to decline this year, Despite the downward trend has been stronger in 2018.

This situation, which has become worse in the last few weeks, has been arrested by investors, bringing forward a lot of feeling that they are experiencing; giving birth, an idea that may be involved in throwing in the thread and not to # 39; waiting to recover prices. Fortunately, there are still many "hodlers", Willing to stay in conflict and keep the emulsaries, which deal with the fall of their crypto market.

Among the proposals offered by many experts, as part of the strategies for managing this time in a low, are not; disturbance and patience.

The knowledge of the behavior of this market, in short history, can be useful, in order to take this knowledge as normal. To do this, it is worth checking the history of Bitcoin prices, which is marked by ups and downs. It is about it walks that indicate the borderline and that does not show that it's not; The first time that is currently going back to & # 39; happen, and maybe this is not the last one.

June 2011, lto fall first

Although the cryptocurrency was born in 2009, its marker history is available from August 2010, when they reach BuyBitcoinWorldwide graphics, even though the cryptoactive is started to be permanently exchanged by a & # 39; establishing important exchange houses as in 2013.

Before that time, the price was calculated through activitiesspecial events involved Bhistorically, as a 10,000 BTC exchange for two family pizzas in May 2010 or buying 5,000 BTC for 150 Norwegian crowns, 27 dollars in 2009. In both businesses, the BTC unit was announced at about 0.5 cents. .

An February 9, 2011 price Bitcoin higher, for the first time, price 1 dollar, to stay more sustainable in the & # 39; That proportion in the following months, until they rise slowly in the month of May and June. reaching a height of 29.6 dollars on 8 June 2011.

Bitcoin Price for mid-2011 Source: CoinMarketCap

Following this rise, lto fall first of prices Bitcoin what happenedno el 11 June 2011, when his marketing at $ 14.6 dollars began to decline with up to and down to $ 6.55 in August 2011 and reaching the lowest level in November of the year, when it was announced at $ 2.00.

The decline at that time was over 90% and it affected many of the early investments. According to the survey, this period of unemployment, in June 2011, is related to the publication of a report An Silk Road, A famous black market of the dark net already, on June 1 of that same year. There was an argument that the site was done "under the name and in bitcoins", calling attention to the cryptocurrency.

An up and down de 2013

Months after being at the base of $ 2.00 per unit, in November 2011 the market started recovering with Bitcoin going around $ 4 at the end of that year, trading over $ 7.00 in January 2012. However, after reaching almost $ 7.40, he had a new drop to $ 4 in February.

Despite this, maintaining steady growth in the second half of the year and finished in 2012 with a value of over $ 13. It was in 2013 when the increase in second increase and fall grew after staying more consistent between 2012 and 2013.

The beginning of 2013 was to represent an upgrade level for a & # 39; Start $ 49. But one second is good rising and fall 9 April 2013 when Bitcoin disappeared at $ 230 after a number of increases to fall, only a week later, The up to 68 dollars.

Bitcoin Price for April 2013, according to CoinMarketCap

The exchange of domestic exchange houses and the advance of the world trade is one of the reasons why Bitcoin grows, leading to more media broadcasting, price to exceed $ 200 exclusion and 3 numbers reach.

The analysts also related to this situation to the cash crisis that was in place; happening in Cyprus where citizens were blocked from replacing a 12-day bank. This meant, in particular, many Cypriots came to Bitcoin to protect themselves.

However, the biggest fall of that year he met theremuch nOctober and December of 2013, when his price came to $ 1,200, after holding several months at levels of almost $ 100. On December 4, the highest tip priced at $ 1,147 and then went down on 6 December to $ 694.

Bitcoin broke $ 1000 in 2013, according to the CoinMarketCap program

After that date, the criminals had a huge knowledge of falling to $ 522 in mid-2013. A new decline, at the beginning of January 2014, price of almost $ 300.

An hack a Mt. Gox and the fall de 2014

The price of cryptographic money was received back at the end of January 2014, which goes around $ 900 to fall into the # 39; February just over $ 500 (falling by almost 50%).

Bitcoin Price for February 2014, according to CoinMarketCap

The low level came after breaking the exchange house Mt. Gox, saying that she was This first stage of buying and selling bitcoins – and one of the most popular people at that time – was to be cut. The press release took place after the loss of 850,000 bitcoins, which was announced for a month; February 2014 in $ 450 million dollars, and $ 27 million in money.

The bankruptcy exchange house announced before these events, and 200,000 bitcoins were subsequently recovered. From then on to today, the practitioners have gone to the courts to get their funding back and the trust commissioner of the exchange office has been selling some of the boundaries to protect those affected.

This event settled negatively, creating doubts about Bitcoin's security and its # 39; damaging the cryptocurrency value. The rest of that year was & # 39; ranges from $ 300 to $ 600. As of 2014 Bitcoin only again was more than $ 1,000 in 2017.

2017: a good year of Bitcoin

The most famous increase in cryptoactive prices in 2017, was the year in which the department grew up; growth and growth at previously unprecedented levels, increasing the number of worldwide exchange houses and increased interest in the cryptocurrencies market.

Since that year, Bitcoin has been over $ 1,000 with a record of $ 1,200 in February, and went over when he reached $ 2,000 in May. This amount continued to take place in the following months to exceed the 7,000 dollars in November and, reaching the historic level of almost $ 20,000 in December 2017.

Bitcoin Price for December 2017, according to CoinMarketCap

Bitcoin launches among drivers has increased dramatically in 2017. This fact, according to research carried out by the San Francisco Unit Army Reserve Bank, shows how 39; the inclusion of previous financial instruments outside the terminology negotiations could affect price and cost behavior; market crypto-market.

2018: Low prices, departmental growth

After rising as a bay at the end of 2017, 2018 has begun a continuous reduction in achieving the lowest points in November, when it has dropped below $ 4,000. This decline has been seen as a bankrupt for investors. After waiting soon, to date in 2018, the price will return to the levels to be reached in December 2017.

However, despite the controversy, it is worth going to & # 39; including the emergence of a crypto-market market at the moment in the history of Bitcoin, which will help to see this as part of the natural walks that followed the cryptoactive years Growing its & # 39; crypto market is shown in & # 39; following graph DevelopBitcoinWorldwide, showing that the price added bitcoin was 148,770% per cent in the last 7 years:

Percentage increase in Bitcoin price by BuyBitcoin Worlwide

The table shows the price increase of Bitcoin, in a dollar and in a percentage, for a recent price, in the last week, in the # 39; last month or last month. You can also see BTC price progress in the last 2, 3, 5 and 7 years. The numbers appear to have a huge growth on the # 39; market when we look at that, despite the falling fall; At present, there is a special difference in terms of one or more years.

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