The highest quality work is expressed by his wife over ten billion people


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The victims give money.

From November 6, Nguyen Tien Duy (54 years old), Le Thi Tram (56 years old), Nguyen Thi Oanh (50 years old) and many people Other in Tam Da commune (Vinh Bao area, Hai Phong) Le Kim Dinh, 41, Allied Youth High School leader, and his wife, Tran Thi Hao, 39, who is teaching foreign languages ​​at Higher Hhi Hung school, a & # 39; carry out actions that adversely affect possession of dozens. internal and external families, the number of up to billion tons.

According to the information, from 2009 to 2014, both Dinh-Hao pairs are made up of many online bowls, and then send to every family of relatives, relatives, neighbors and co-workers , to move to take part. Play with their profits, with the monthly contribution of 1-10 million for each person / bowl.

When participating, if the person plays the bowl 1 million a month and pays on 10 January, Hao will have a 20% stake annually. Playing a bowl for 15 months or more, interest interest 30,000 VND / 1 million / month, or it will playing a bowl on 26 month interest 40,000 VND / 1 million / month.

The rates of interest that they play both are. Note to Hao and hide its self-contained hide. let the person know the particular number.

"Everyone went to each of us to borrow money, they signed the papers carefully, and they said," You're trusted. You are the main person and your wife is as teachers, the doctors give us loans to make a business. I'm scared that others disturbed us, but people do not frighten me, "said Tram.

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Where teachers work.

In terms of his case, Le Kim Dinh, a journalist with his & newspaper, said he and Hao had separated from 2015, and both are not married now. The reason for divorce is also due to the fact that Hao is listening to others without playing, they should make debts beyond control.

"When I got my wife out of money from people I did not know, until I saw people hold the debt due to my duty, I inserted some of her debt papers, who are relatives. For almost 10 years I have not paid any month, and the place where people have complained about me, "said Dinh.

Pham Van Tinh, Chairman of the Dong Minh Commune, according to the statistics on the demand, declared the sum of money to the people. Dinh city with more than 10 billion. But that money is the clear interest or money that is clear.

According to the director of Dong Minh Commune, Le Kim Dinh himself divided his wife. By obtaining the loan paper, what is it? Most belong to his wife So far, local authorities have not found anything that says he gave a loan or money he had given.

But, nowadays, there are strangers in the school and Dinh's focus is on raising debt.

And Pham Ngoc Quynh, head of the Department of Education and Training in the Vinh Bao area, said that Dinh has not had much money signed to live with his wife.

"There are not four billions of facts that rooms are spaced, wherever he named it, he has been paying most and he still pays, but the money is not easy for others to compare Hao's legal loans. Dinh, Quynh said.

At the Education Office Ms. Hao and Mr Dinh have asked to explain and test if there are any mistakes.

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