The highest survey statistics of the largest Kaohsiung election market Kaohsiung The highest survey Election market


(Wu Yuzhou Reporter / Report)The Public Finance Headquarters declared the statistics on the selection of local public officials in the Republic of China on 21st (21st). Among them, 36 were selected for the election, which included 10 for Kaohsiung District Pròbharatorate and 5 for the Changhua. 4 checks were taken.

Statistics show that a & # 39; Election voting on 36. Kaohsiung District Inspection Office and Qiaotou District Provider in Kaohsiung participate in 10 or 2 election questioning cases, which are approximately 1/3 of the national probationary offices; accept election elections. South Westerly

In addition, Changhua City has accepted 5 election gambling cases, 4 Chiayi checks, 3 Pingtung surveys, Taichung surveys, and Yunlin surveys; 6 other election gambling cases, 2 Nantou surveys. 2 pieces of Shilin land survey, 1 local survey area in Taipei, and 1 scrutiny in Kinmen.

In relation to local audit offices participating in illegal cases, 508 Chiayi surveys, 359 Tainan surveys, 351 Yunlin surveys, 345 Changhua surveys, 311 Taichung surveys, 296 Kaohsiung surveys, and Pingtung surveys 285 pieces , 260 pieces of Nantou land survey, 244 pieces of Hualien land survey.

In other statistical data, the National Audit Office is currently handling 4,617 cases of illegal elections involving 1 164 people, and # 39; including 3,527 bubbles and 8,064 people involved; 373 cases with 511 cases.

The research bureau so far has reported that 7 cases of the election procedure, including 3 Changhua, 2 Chiayi, 1 Pingtung and 1 Kaohsiung. All are recited to the convener for orders and scrutiny. ◇

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