The highest suspicion was arrested for drug trafficking, and he had loved Na Ying for 10 years and had a son.


After the arrest of Chen Yufan's poor drugs, the international crops were arrested for drug trafficking by his sweetheart! This is the first poison in the & # 39; entertaining industry in 2019.

Talk to her & # 39; In addition, many young internet users may not experience their experience, especially those who experience it; attacking many who do not care about sport. The label Peak is now known as "the previous woman in Britain." Na Ying and Gao Feng are the committees in the north east, both of which were born in Shenyang, Liaoning. Many say that the style is not split. At that time, the singer has a football relationship and singer's relationship for ten years.

Everyone needs to be very familiar. Some web browsers do not listen up to their songs. In the music world for more than 20 years, Na Ying and many of the first few moments were converted through the competition program first and put their first album in 1994. That is, this year, that is, this year, the largest proportion of the British connections, and the couple fell in love since 1995 to 2005, when Na Ying was also born in a high canned section, which is well-known, now 15 years old.

It was not long until the baby was born, and the couple were broken up, and the reason was for her; Give a break over the drink, when it was heavy. It can be counted all the time, 10 years when Yingying's biggest time is together, and # 39; showcase the highest quality of life development in Britain. I wondered to be together in the main time of my post and in the highest. I see that there was English at the time There is love at the top.

After breaking, Britain's office was still flat, and later I met the current man. Both married and had a daughter. Xiaoxin was a lived with her mother, and her relationship with her support was very consistent. On the other hand, the life of his / her top seems unlikely. He is now being arrested for drug trafficking. You need to know that drug trafficking and drug use are different, and that the situation is much harder. Many internet users said: I am very much grateful to thank the main non-fictional love of the year.

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