The historic Antarctica Weddell Sea tour sails so that it does not hurt a bad break


A team of scientists investigating one of the most remote areas in Antarctica is a " hiding the "historic" breakdown to & # 39; going on the trip.

The S.A ship. Agulhas II has sailed Ligur C Lòch attack, the fourth largest ice shelf in the Antarctic, where only "several boats" have traveled.

The ambitious purpose is – to discover the British Earnest Shackleton & Endurance researchers, which sank in 1915, and an important research into climate change.

If successful, it is "its first scientific research" of that area.

According to voters, the area's "scientific importance" has not been achieved in the last 15 to 20 years.

In 2017 a iceberg four times on the size of London was broken off the Ice C Shelf C shirt.

Research results may continue to search for new species and their & # 39; gives a better insight into what is happening to marine ice levels around the world.

John Shears, Voyage Leader, told ITV News: "The scientific objective of the trip is to get Larsen C.'s first ice science shelf in that area.

"No one has ever been AUV placed under the ice shelf or to investigate the ice of that area, so we aim to be the first person.

"Our ambition, as we are in the area, trying to find Ernest Shackleton's historic bridges, Endurance."

The British explorer Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton visited Antarctica in 1915 with his main objective to be on first person to cross the Antarctic.

However, the Illness did not enter.

"He got caught in the ice, climbed with the ice for a short while and finally pressed and sank," Tell the Keeper of the Scott Polar Museum, Charlotte Connelly, for ITV News.

"So he left 28 men with three rescuers, no one knew where they were, nobody was missing to find out – and # 39 ; they needed to get out of that price. "

While there were people living, the bankruptcy was never found.

Despite the coordination and equipment of the arts to be armed, the team is still worried that it will not be enough.

Mensun Bound, who asked to " Certainly, inform ITV News: "There are problems, the biggest thing that worries me, can keep me awake at night.

"Then we need to ask ourselves, how good is the shipwreck situation? Do we find the shipwreck? We have Worlsey [an explorer who served with Shackleton] Scheduled co-ordinates, but how good are they?

"The lion is a very lively sound, I have a foolish sense of truth. It is always a long time. And then you know what's in the sea, a huge place.

But Mr Shears is very optimistic about their ability to find Secrets and tells an amazing story about living and leadership. "

Along with an essential history review, he is also happy to install a free Wi-Fi, AUV, under the Larsen C. ice shelf.

The technology may help to develop the global research that is being carried out; to make atonement levels of worldwide ice.

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