The Hitchcock time is becoming increasingly, Oilers have been a & # 39; hit Flyers 4-1


Draisaitl, McDavid, and Koskinen again. Final score: 4-1 Oilearan.

Mail & # 39; first time is something weird. The boys were on the ground to start the game and they were doing some of their own self-commitments. This is a kind of what we have used in the late. Koskinen has a huge save for couples and Flyer's couple has a defensive reduction caused by some of our own hunting opportunities. At the end, the puck went into the hands of Connor McDavid to Leon Draisaitl to Alex Chiasson, then bing-bing-bada-boom, the puck in the net. Chiasson was flying this time and kept lots of opportunities to go. search. The Oilers visited the board and created some good progress for its & # 39; rest of the time. Both Flyers and the Oilers changed unsuccessful, and we went into the 1-0 led studio room.

The second time began to kill a four-minute penalty when Drake Caggiula pulled his blood for Nolan Patrick's top stick. The Oilers worked a great deal on their PK and raised a little out of their & # 39; killed pipes long. Due to the end, this is a # 39; mean their own powerful power is unsuccessful, and then there are huge changes and pressure on the attack area. Connor McDavid won beauty from the back of the visitor line by hitting her & # 39; pushed out of the Flyer clan, and just two lazy after that, Adam Larsson will placing a major visitor shelf. Despite being & # 39; Punishment was killed for almost half the time, the Oilearan had a strong rock time.

The team came out completely on the plane in the third time. They did not allow the Flyers to talk to their & # 39; phut for the first eight minutes and b & # 39; It's some of the fun hockey I saw this year. Also, what was the population so tall? It seemed to have liked the success of the crew at home and it seemed like he was in the house; behaved there. In fact, just after that good start to the time, the Flyers took control that they were looking for every game. The Oilers went a few series in a series that could not clear the puck out of our zone or bring the pocket in full to the. Flyers belt. This continues to a visit by Sean Couturier at the end of a long-term move alone. The Oilers walked for the rest of the game and Connor McDavid put the machine in the coffin with the aim of a blank web.

In total, despite several defenses and penalties, the Olearan played a very good game. I was sure I did not expect this type of distance after their heavy timetable, but it's safe to say they're inspired by them tonight. The Olearan won six games just at home and they are a hard team to hit Hitchcock.

  • Alex Chiasson clarified his senior position, 14th tonight with the Oilers. The person has been unreasonable inside us and I thought it was not as fast as 10 visitors to this season. Atta to be a builder!
  • Alex Chiasson's first goal hits this evening, Leon Draisaitl has expanded his striking point to five games, and Connor McDavid has a " extended to eight games. Leon and Connor finished the night with three points dependent.
  • I can not get Jujhar Khaira enough tonight. He flew up and down and Wayne Simmonds did not scare an eye and anyone else on the Flyers. He played online with Puljujarvi a & # 39; entertaining because someone at any time looked at 98, Jujhar was angry.
  • Connor had the first time to spend her night; including a single hell of atmospheric, and different legs laid down by Draisaitl, and with Connor shot down from the back of the goal line to score. If that's not a concert, I do not know what it's! It was just a fortunate luck; in either, but Connor was going to the bank back from his back; gamekeeper and he could not put a better picture.
  • Adam Larsson will identify his & # 39; His first goal of the season and his first goal in 43 games! This was just a second after offering Connor McDavid's visit from a big pole by Spooner.
  • Tobias Rieder showed her a speed twice a week, especially in the death of a penalty when he broke for a clear time in the second time. It came to an end on the garden NOW THAT THE PART OF SIGN OF THE SIGN OF
  • There was another amazing night at the Puljujarvi-Nuge-Khaira line. They fought in & # 39; head over the whole of the game and they even mixed slightly after the whistles. I like it!
  • I thought there was a good NHL team tonight at Caleb Jones tonight. It played 11:23 minutes and was very comfortable outside there. It was a very good way. In order to split her drops in the water and I'm going to do it; Looking forward to seeing more games from it.
  • There was another night in Mikko Koskinen and is now 7-0 at home. Have you ever thought this was possible when we first signed the name? In fact, I was craving Koskinen before dying; I got even played, and I'm worried.
  • Connor McDavid did not play only 18:51 minutes tonight that is a huge reduction from the usual Hitch playing. If we can win three games with Connor to play less than 20 minutes each game, go far for us.

  • I feel like to & # 39; texting something like this because Koskinen has been playing hard yet between the pipes for us this year, OND – I have indicated that no one has been circulated on the re- flexible circuits left in the slot. I mean, I'm so happy that anyone is in a position; doing, but it's amazing that it's been so good, but to let out so many ideas.
  • The Oilers brought five penalty penalties that are far too big in my opinion. Fortunately, they had killed and killed all their penalties, and Flyers have been working on special teams on the road. We hope we will have more control over the future.
  • The Oilers played a good game but I thought that Koskinen's strong band was a Covering many of our ugly protection mistakes. It appeared at times when the boys went to Strive to break out of the zone, especially in the third time. There were two series in a series that we can not; issue that continues to Couturier's visit.
12:37 Edmonton Alex Chiasson (14) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (24), Connor McDavid (29) 0-1
12:37 Edmonton Connor McDavid (18) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (25), Nurs Darnell (8) 0-2
14:08 Edmonton Adam Larsson (1) ASST: Ryan Spooner (2), Nurs Darnell (9) 0-3
10:03 Philadelphia Sean Couturier (13) BÀRD: Jakub Voracek (17), Claude Giroux (28) 1-3
19:24 Edmonton EN – Connor McDavid (19) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (26) 1-4

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