The Ho Chi Minh City Court of Justice criticized the loss of VND 245 billion at Eximbank


Ho Chi Minh Town Court judged 245 billion losses at Eximbank - Picture 1.

Chu. Chu Thi Binh, in a news conference about losing money

Earlier, a Bankruptcy Stock Exchange Bank (Eximbank) Bank issued a press release, saying the legitimate interests of consumers are the highest priority, The bank always has the obligation.

According to Eximbank, the court hearing will lose a VND245 billion bill of savings from Ms. Chu Thi Binh; reflect the truth of the object of the case and protect the rights and legitimate interests of the parties involved. Eximbank and the purchaser will continue to be executed, which will be legally enforced by the & # 39; court.

In the case of a criminal offense in the case, Exankank is a & # 39; respect the research findings from the authorities, and consider the things that do; causing crime, family circumstances and defendant's opinion.

Eximbank wants to be aware of both psychosocial and educational judgments to help them become a good citizen, which benefits the society and its. show how unhappy the law is.

Previously, on August 18, with both sides attempts to negotiate with the information, the bids are considered by the legal campaign agencies, Eximbank and Ms. Chu Thi Binh has finished her & her; granted. Provide the promotion of 100% of the original savings due to the final judging of the court for both sides to implement them.

Ms. Chu Thi Binh – who sent 245 billion away at the HCM City branch Eximbank again sometimes kept the savebook too. So, Eximbank must pay her as a regular consumer.

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