The hostel was a wreath of all, and remembered Vru Blou's nephew


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A cousin of the same bedroom with Vra Blou on Monday night hit the chuckle. Its situation was getting worse.

Vry Bl Emil's nephew is just outing with his father's snout.

I was here on Monday, I couldn't take a breath. Brcha shouted the ambulance. There were two of them. They went to live and then took her to hospital. Today my father got wet after midnight before the hostel building.

He remembered how long he had been with his aunt, who was the father's sister.

Here, at the hostel, she was satisfied, she was with many people, and received a lot of help. She was again, again, for everything. Umla lovka understood, supported, given reason and self-confidence, his nephew remembered.

There was nothing in the case, u is jpp because it is between us. At his brother, his manse. The hunter must understand that she was bitter when I had a son there and then a manel. No one in such a situation may be surprised and apparently lost to life.

He spoke slowly, and often there were socks between the birds, stopping to go and looking for the right words.

She was a great personality. She was preparing for concerts. you closed his nephew niezpv, her brother Emil, blocking out his time to return to holy saints.

Many more relatives were coming to the hostel to prepare the pagan section. It was great because she was worthy, her nephew put him.

Vra Blinn died aged seven. She had many health problems, she was fighting with diabetes.

Vra Bl Comeback (March 12, 2019)

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