The hot bed releases sugar and blood


LONDON (Reuters) – Hot bathing can reduce blood sugar and a stream in obese and obese people, scientists at Loughborough University are shown.

"Hot water reduces nose and sugar in the blood in non-active people who do not work or do not want physical activity," said one researcher in an article in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

Researchers carried out exams that included fattened and unfaithful men who wanted to move their bodies up to the neck in hot water basin, 39 degrees Celsius for a while. These partners did every day, and eventually reduced to a degree of sugar and insulin in the stomach blood.

The results of previous surveys have shown that there is a relationship between their body temperature and a & # 39; make nitrogen oxide, which helps to & # 39; Move glucose with blood in your body. In the current study, fatigue and blood pressure have gone to & # 39; show that even one time they are going to go; immersion in hot water increasing the representation of nitrogen oxide and other substances that are; developing glucose metabolism. The researchers also noted that the rate of bleeding fell after the hot bath.

In fact, the hot bath has an adverse effect, because people with continuous diseases such as cystitis, urinary case disorders, hemorrhoids and skin disease can not be wet.

Source: Medicom Forum

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