The hours of crisis after the death of his colleague Camilo Catrillanca


Wednesday 14 November. 4:15 p.m.

Department of Quecherehuas, La Araucana There are three teachers from Santa Rosa School, located in the Ancili community of Ercilla, to travel in three vehicles on a rural road when three men have gone. stop them with an ax, a gungun and a machete. The warning comes to Customs officers and operation is operated by air and long land & and the invaders will escape in the cars.

"They fly over the helicopters in the department, first looking at two cars and one third of them, they have video recordings," the procurator says that the officer aboard the helicopter that monitors the movement of vehicles to a wooded area. There are three topics that disagree, which will disagree, go into the wood, and then return to one of the cars "in order to find something that left them to forget" and then to & # 39; going back to the woods while two of them have to go to the woods; Following on the road "as if anything" ", it is a record of the judge on the promise that night took place in commissioner Collipulli.

It follows: "Then, they found a tractor that looks forward to the way, they zoom, turn around and progressing a few meters, then he will return on the way ahead of it and face to face with charabineros de infantera. The public procurator that the helicopter officer sees one of the subjects aboard on the tractor getting it down, thrown into the ground, that person is a MPC young carer, which will be held at 4:40 pm. "

In the tractor of 15 years, Camilo Catrillanca, whose name was Ercilla, was diminished, since his grandfather was the historic lonco Juan Catrillanca and his father, Marcelo, is president of the community "Ignacio Queipul Millanao ".

The 24-year-old school dies on the tractor with a fire to his / her; head.

6:45 pm La Araucana Public Ministry

The district's senior superintendent contacted senior officers of Carabineros in the area to inform radio that all workers who took part in the work had to go to the Collipulli Physician to give a statement.

8:00 p.m. Cesfam (Family Health Center) Ercilla

INDH director Consuelo Contreras says: "The regional office team of the National Institute of Human Rights was established with the councilor Jos Aylwin in the Chesfam de Ercilla, and Camilo Catrillanca's body was already there. Being supported as we look at the move from Cesfam to the Angol Medical Legal Service, we were asked to take part as an autopsy audience. "In a manner However, the victim who was a doctor took part too.

Contreras says that the first thing they saw was a shot in the & # 39; necklace and sent to Human Rights Correspondent, Lorena Recabarren, so that the Carabiners would not move forward, but with the PDI.

Continue: "That night, as we are always in situations of this kind, we visited the police stations because they were held." In addition, he ran through social networking networks with teenagers who had been a teenage group, Ercilla & Cesfam and also the teenager who were with Camilo Catrillanca, and in # 39; that summary is a # 39; His first conversation with our team. "

Wednesday 14 November. 7:00 pm Money

Former President, Andrs Chadwick, is sitting at a desk in La Moneda when he receives a police report on his / her. His cell phone says that there were at once a three-car attack in La Araucana. In a few minutes, other information will be entered into his phone: a decision was made with the police in Temucuicui and Mapuche was a dead communerover.

With President Sebastin Piera on a trip to Asia, Chadwick will be hosting cell phone and his / her; Contact the General Director of Carabineros, Hermes Soto, and he wants a complete report of what happened. Then it will do the same as the PDI.

The government continues to & # 39; Protocols founded in March with La Araucana department ward Luis Mayol: the regional authority will first talk to the media and, raise Chadwick's case to talk about it.

8:00 p.m. Intendance of Temuco

"This is, from our vision, the actions related to common crime, and those who affect those who are ill to chastise their vehicles," said Mayol. He then added that Catrillanca had a reception record: on October 22 he was arrested by his & her; A policemen with a vehicle that would have a beautiful plastic plane.

At the same time, the general director of Carabineros, Hermes Soto, said: "Until now we can not tell what's in a burner store, it's a situation that needs to be clarified." Jucque Huenchulln, spokesman for Temucuicui, says the opposition: "The police died inside the community."

Chadwick is clear that the situation is bad. Contact President Sebastin Piera to Singapore and explain what happens.

9:00 p.m. Money

The Minister Cecilia Prez convenes his peers from the political committee to assess the continuity of his & A visit she was recorded for the next day in Temuco. The plans are frozen several hours. Assessing & # 39; croft on the trip, but finally agreed to change the journey. For some, it was intended to make a signal of tranquility and control of the situation.

That night, Chadwick's cell phone does not stop it; leaving: it aims to collect information.

Thursday 15 November. 00:05 times Collipulli

The trip between the Ercilla and Collipulli committees is usually not longer than 15 minutes. However, the carabineros who took part in the work came near five hours after the proclamation made by the Procurator to confirm in the second place. The five soldiers came near the tractor and the fifth person waiting in the carriage – a lawyer company came from the center, Cristin Inostroza Quiiir. Little other forces came from the other Forces and came again. However, only his first five police Gope appeared. Sergeant II Ral Vila was the last one in question.

02:44 in the morning. Collipulli

Although a team of prosecutors and members of the PDI undertake the proceedings, in accordance with legal action in the & # 39; the process, appeals INDH Marcos Ravanal to file filed for your master's amparo to review the commissioner Collipulli of the position of preservatives, including MPC Judge Marine Fernanda Lagos arrives at the place. Analyze the situation and ask proxy Enrique Vsquez about his / her background information on his / her. case. The procurator informs him of the information the police gave him up to date and the statement at one of the soldiers who went to the helicopter who took part in the work to the people who delivered three cars in the arrest of Ercilla.

"This official officer has a long time communication than he sees from the air ashore and adds co-signals from the place to the landowners, and that's how they meet the tractor. " The procurator claims that helicopter pilots say that all procedures and journeys are followed by the removal of cars, the recordings of the helicopter communications with CENCO and Also the images captured by the GoPro camera were transported by the officer on board; vehicle ", it is a recording.

The judge refused to write about amparo and allowed the young people to arrest and received DNA samples and their hands to find out if there was a powder.

Their diligence will end at 4:00 a.m. in the morning.

In Collipulli's Fiscala, the use of the Ministry is; Maintainers and there are about 30 employees who start to coming through the early hours. It's a night of frenzy. All the resources are displayed.

At that height, M.P.C. to state that the police were hit and wanted to; The first time he gives a light in his story about a & # 39; destroying evidence.

8:00 m Collipulli

Sergeant Sergeant and three others of the Gope will finalize their certificate as defendants. There is a common thread that certifies the instructions: they all said that they did not have the GoPro cameras and there was no record about what was said or died; common.

Later on, the events will confirm the version of the charabineros to; start. Enrique Vsquez's prosecutor ordered PDI to go to the offices of the Second Committee of Special Forces of Pailahueque, the operational center of the police officers who participated in the entire work in the area. The detectors will access the place and want all audio recordings.

Members of the group include an expert in the Criminalistics Lieutenant of the PDI. They help, among other things, the GoPro cameras of Carabiners' visitors who came after his / her. killed. Case extracts say it is clear that they are formatted into memory cards and that the carabineros are in a position; shows that the images have been downloaded in a computer, which is being taken to the Fiscal.

At present, the PDI is testing these memory cards. When Customs officers have been consulted about card form, the center responded: "A Ministry of Public Audit and we can not comment on the subject" .

8:00 m Santiago

The Minister for Social Development, Alfredo Moreno, interviews Infinita Radio by Chadwick, who did not. Opposition to public prosecutor remains. In a radio conversation, Moreno talks about the death of Catrillanca and the Araucana Plan: "Such information makes things more difficult". In at least one part of the political committee its statement is considered well. Shorter later, in fact, Chadwick is giving a news conference and he is a Explain that the "Araucanian Plan is left the same".

In La Moneda, she is worried. Not all backgrounds on the file are on the # 39; board, so it is too difficult to explain a communications strategy.

12:00 am Collipulli

The suspicion about the death of Catrillanca is rising and a new investigation has been opened by the Human Rights unit procurator of that area, Roberto Garrido. Start the review of the images found. Suddenly, something that's happening is that; identify the turning point in the survey.

In the statues, the sergeant, the second Ral, hated his helmet, and included his GoPro camera. His version is completely different from the first one.

A hair detection treatment in a secure reservation is carried out and it will be done; a new open edge connected to the crime that could be the barrier of the investigation. Although the images are compiled and reviewed, the enemy is seeking an explanation for the death of his / her; equivalent. He is also the liberation of M.P.C.: He was arrested illegally. Ercilla fears. There are signs from the Mapuche house to the Catrillanca family.

2:00 p.m. Santiago

A Carabinero airplane flies to Temuco. In the traveling boat Minister of Interior, Rodrigo Ubilla, and the Government lawyer, Luis Hermosilla, who will sailing to meet the local representative of La Araucana, Cristin Paredes. In Government, more information is needed. So far, there is more doubt than in doubt.

When he returns to Santiago, a suspicion is sent by a force in La Moneda: the carabineros can be oblivious about their work.

In this situation, Chadwick asks General Soto to appear at La Moneda. Ubilla and Hermosilla will wait for him. The three stand up for the dress; The fact that Gope's members do not tell the truth. The general of the Carabiners would have been in principle to support the draft of its sub divisions. The conversation will sometimes increase in tone and the atmosphere will get hot. The deputy head then asked to go to La Araucana the next day.

Friday, November 16 12:00 Pailahueque

General Soto reaches the headquarters of the Public Order of Control Area of ​​La Araucana to inform what happens to the dead partner and his / her; confirming a kind of irregularity in policing activities.

Your registered office trip, number 115, is sent to Chadwick. "In the same barracks, we met the visitors who took part in the event, telling all the time that nobody in the patrol was playing cameras, and to # 39; talk to the helicopter pilots to understand their experiences. "

So, General Soto is traveling to Angol. It will go to the Communications Center to confirm if the information is available; ask the tax office to be delivered. Later on he returns to Santiago.

"In accordance with what has been said previously, the general director who subscribed was sure that the officers who participated in the events inspected worked according to what was said and, therefore, none of them were carrying out recording equipment (cameras) at the time of "taking part in the facts", it explains in action.

10:00 pm Temuco

In an interview with Bo-Bo's radio, Minister Cecilia Prez said: "If Carabiners are attacked, he has to protect his own power."

It is a communications line that some of the authorities in La Moneda do not; valued with good eyes: it is said that no place left to any movement in the case.

Since his visit to La Araucana, Government speakers are still in the hands of Chadwick and Ubilla. Even the director will be & # 39; holds a news conference in the La Moneda Blue Room, which will be used traditionally with ministerial general government secretaries.

In the officialism, in many cases, the friendly fire appears. Evpoli Andrs Molina advocate responds to her complaint in public to her. Mayo poet.

At the same time, the Minister of Moreno was in contact with Loncos and has taken steps to halt his accusation on Aucn Huilcamn, ask Chadwick to retire.

At the same time, the INDH is already the story guide of the M.P.C. young, who said he was one of the police that Gope saw his & her; bringing her camera cart to destroy it.

Saturday 17th November. 9:00 m Money

The Chadwick Minister will be assisted by Deputy Secretary Ubilla to prepare her & Minister prepared by the Chamber's Security and Human Rights Committees, who asked to give an explanation. The story is already clear: the five carabineros who took part in persecution were forgotten that they did not forget to take cameras, means a barrier in the protocol that has been said, but it was just a disability.

At three o'clock they divide. Ubilla will go to her house in the Lo Barnechea for preparation for celebrating her wedding anniversary. Over 70 guests have eaten it.

4:00 pm Santiago

Chadwick Andrs is summoned by General Soto. It will tell you that you need to meet it quickly. The minister describes his home in Vitacura at six o'clock. Hermosilla lawyer also attends. At the meeting, the dressing person confesses that his subordinates have been saying to him: he tells the minister that one of the charabiners had been in a position; breaking her memory-memory, and her & # 39; capturing private images. Immediately, the Secretary of State wants Paredes the procurator. Later on, he placed the office with this background.

7:30 p.m. Temuco

The procurator fails to decide the second question about the police involved. Their company comes again as the lawyer of the center, Cristin Inostroza. Ah, Sergeant Ral has been admitted that he had broken a video card with scissors.

8:30 p.m. Santiago Post-president of the Republic wants to see her, Minister Rodrigo Ubilla says: "Everything is changing, Maana's news conference tells us the truth." In the office sent by Soto to Chadwick Minister, he told how he was first embodiment.

Sunday, November 18 9:00 p.m.
The Palace of Money

The Government will clearly open its & # 39; step towards abduction of Carabineros soldiers and his / her; leave evidence of the deceit. La Araucana district agent, Cristin Paredes, employs a new procurator to investigate the & # 39; This issue of obstacle to the investigation, Jorge Calderara, who is a member of the Human Rights Unit of that regional office.

Monday, November 19 10:00 a.m.

Radical Party Chiefs In the next Monday of Comprehensive Meeting, it is decided that the Interior is responsible for the Interior Ministry. He is reinforced however, under the responsibility of Mayol: he believes he had said that Catrillanca had a criminal record. In the case of Chadwick, he has chosen to translate it.

In La Moneda, during the traditional political committee of Monday, Seanad Andrs Allamand (RN) said: "Bring the wolf and go for more". He was describing how he did; He has occasionally disappeared that Mayol did not stop his claim to go through Chadwick. In the Government there was still a & # 39; supporting the sea then. In the Palace they did not expect the DC to be arrested.

Tuesday 20 November. 12:00 am Valparaiso

In Congress, the MP parliamentarians announce a constitutional complaint to Mayol. Deputy Chief Matas Walker speaks in parallel to the & # 39; Minister Prez to give the decision that the game has given. In La Moneda lost the edges. The complaint was counted on the opposing votes to be agreed. Once the DC is going to; Confirmation of the public, the minister of Segpres, Gonzalo Blumel, asks for the former disease Gabriel Silber, they need to retire at Mayol, they will continue with their case. Silber says no.

9:00 m Money

Chadwick, Prez and Ubilla will meet President Piera, who has recently returned from abroad. The president proposes that the Government should converge its rule in La Araucana. As the supervisor of Ubilla is asked. The idea is to show that the problem had not begun with the death of Catrillanca and that the Government was in a position; going over the fight.

In government circles there was no sense that Minister Moreno did not participate in the meeting.

9:00 p.m.
Intendance of Temuco Luis Mayol tells that he intends to abolish the intendance.

After leaving him, a part of the opponents believe that something must be done against Chadwick stad now: waiting for completion in the communication, Tuesday, to explain action courses.

The next week to be important. It is hoped that the expert statements are ready to find out if Catrillanca shot the shot of one of Carabineros's weapons and if there were any weapons in clothing. Following this delivery, the Ministry of Public Administration may request that the soldiers who have been issued will be formally formulated thereafter.

"This is a common crime, and those who are affected by them, the teachers who are ill to behave their cars." MAYOL LUIS TACHAMH 14

They are converting and & # 39; begin to shoot balloons at. Camilo Catrillanca, when he / she understands that they are> Burning balloons, saying to the boy to bend out and go. see that Camilo Catrillanca is burned. "CONSUELO CONTRERAS, TACHAIN ​​15

"If Customs officers are in attack, he has the power to protect himself." MINISTEAR CECILIA PREZ. TACHAMH 16

"Nobody in the patrol was playing cameras". CORNERS, ANYTHING 17

"Sgt. 2 Ral vila Morales' lack of truth (…) There was a camera at a time-of-the-art camera and its memory will be destroyed after the events." CREATE STORIES. UNDERSTAND 17

"In a few minutes I spent my position to President Sebastin Piera." MAYOL LUIS TACHAMH 20

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