The HOW 1 ballot club has a & # 39; Losing the game against Colombier with 0: 3.


26.11.2018, 13:14

The game did not take place in front of the Colombier Team HOW 1 returning to successful ways. On the other hand: The HOW 1 ballot club had to take a casual loss. The team can not get the normal level through the game. Although the Upper Wallisians needed to give the sentences just a bit, they were always at the discount in the game and brought too many points after mistakes to the home team.

In the album, the VBC HOW 1 is still in third place. However, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Servette were able to catch two points.

So the next game against the La Chaux-de-Fonds neighbors is essential, at least Valais Ual can continue to maintain in the highest three levels. This game will be held on an Oberwallis day-of-the-day day at the 18 clock clock at NLB's NLB game

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