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As well as accessible screen phones, 5G phones are also a hot topic in the future. Depending on the previous reports, the Seoul division was a & # 39; South Korea is the first commercial 5G network network (registered for 12/1 this year), which is why South Korea is definitely the best place for mobile phones 5G glass beforehand. According to the European media report, Huawei directly came to the South Korea telecoms on the appearance of 5G mobile phones. Not only does its communication capacity be very obvious, but it is also a pasable screen module. It's very different from Samsung!

Samsung first stated that he had a mobile phone at the developer's conference. In common, the Huawei screenphone also selects to & # 39; test in South Korea, not just that, but also has 5G network capabilities!

"ET ET" said the European media that Huawei, who had previously said that he would be launching a paste screen phone, and # 39; making steady progress. According to sources, Huawei has already shown that operators have a hidden mobile phone appearance, which is about 5 inches in a wedding and 8 inches to it; extended. A person who said they saw this mobile phone that Huawei's curious screenphone is more than expected. In terms of why this phone is open in South Korea, the main reason is that South Korea has begun to use a 5G network.

According to news, Huawei's mobile phone also has a 5G network capacity, and the reservation may be published in MWC 2019. In other words, it may be the same level as the phone number. Galaxy F.

In addition to the Huawei 5G mobile phone, it will be released in a pasch screen, XDA Developer reports that the Motorola mobile phone brand is also a 5G mobile phone called Odin. Unlike the Moto Z3, which was previously fitted with a & # 39; the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 process and the 5G module plug-in, Motorola is preparing for Odin, and it is expected that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 process (5G modem is integrated), plus 5G network capabilities. It is possible to use a scanner scheme with the Android 9 Piece system. Compared to Huawei's 5G function in the concise screen phone, a new 5G Motorola engine is definitely more accessible.

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Large 5G Huawei and Motorola mobile phones could take quite different routes

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